December 24, 2009

Lickety-Split Links (122409, Morning)

Filed under: Lucid Links — Tom @ 6:54 am“Climate change alliance crumbling.” Not nearly as much as the entire premise of man-made global warming has crumbled in the wake of ClimateGate.


Oh, I guess that makes it OK“Schumer Says Every State Got Special Treatment in Health Bill.”


From the Weekly Standard (HT RightBias e-mail)

CBO: Real 10-Year Cost of Senate Bill Still $2.5 Trillion

The Democrats are irresponsibly and disingenuously claiming that the bill would cost $871 billion over 10 years. But that’s not what the CBO says. Rather, the CBO says that $871 billion would be the costs from 2010 to 2019 for expansions in insurance coverage alone. But less than 2 percent of those “10-year costs” would kick in before the fifth year of that span. In its real first 10 years (2014 to 2023), the CBO says that the bill would cost $1.8 trillion — for insurance coverage expansions alone. Other parts of the bill would cost approximately $700 billion more, bringing the bill’s full 10-year tab to approximately $2.5 trillion — according to the CBO.

I would suppose that the $2.5 tril is before adding up all of the “special treatments” Chuckie Schumer extolled in the previous item.

Related: Democrats have apparently been “double counting the savings from Medicare as a means to pay for the Senate health care bill.”


Don’t tell Keith Olbermann – At Time (“Domestic Terror Incidents Hit a Peak in 2009″; HT Gateway Pundit), Rand Corporation expert Brian Jenkins says that “more terrorist threats were uncovered in the U.S. during 2009 than in any year since 2001.”

The list of terror-related “events” that follows includes the Ft. Hood killings. Time put “events” in quotes, which I suppose is acceptable, given that the list is a mix of attacks, thwarted plots, and an attempt to join enemy forces.

MSNBC’s Olbermann, who obsessively criticizes anyone who dares to describe the Ft. Hood killings as a terrorist attack, will apparently have to call out reporter Bobby Ghosh and his lefty layers of editors and other bosses at Time.

Update: I expanded on this a bit at NewsBusters.


Contrast Ronald Reagan’s aggressive effort to keep Polish repression visible in 1981 and beyond with the passivity and virtual silence of Barack Obama and his administration on the treatment of Iranian dissidents. The latest outrage that will be ignored — “A semiofficial Iranian news agency says a former government spokesman who became an opposition supporter has been sentenced to six years in prison.”


Contacted by National Review, Michigan Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak says “you don’t buy me off,” and that he’s disappointed that Democratic leaders have offered him legislative favors in exchange for supporting ObamaCare.

I’ll be disappointed if Stupak eventually caves, but given the disgraceful conduct in the Senate by Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, and others, I won’t be surprised.


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  1. ”Domestic Terror Incidents Hit a Peak in 2009″

    If this had happened under Bush, how much you want to bet it would have been screamed from the hilltops by the rest of the MSM?

    Comment by zf — December 24, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

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