January 14, 2010

Delayed-Blogging the Kasich-Taylor Announcement

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The Days After:

Jan. 15, 6:45 a.m.: Matt Hurley at WoMD has posted video of the event here. Update: And here.

Jan. 16, 11:30 p.m.: Having become aware of some typical immaturity from the far left through an alert, I feel compelled to quote Tony Snow:

Every one of our greatest national treasures, our liberty, enterprise, vitality, wealth, military power, global authority, flow from a surprising source: our ability to give thanks.

Crass children who have somehow failed to learn understand the importance of being thankful, and of giving thanks when appropriate, and even of recognizing fun when you’re having it, would deserve our pity if they kept evidence of their stunted condition to themselves. But they deserve our contempt when they display it in public, and most assuredly have earned mine for having done so yet again.

Again, thanks to Matt Hurley for the opportunity to visit Columbus to attend the Kasich-Taylor announcement.


Jan. 14, 11:55 p.m.: Later reflections –

  • Joe Hallett might as well be Ohio’s Helen Thomas. As was the case with Thomas at White House press conferences until just a few years ago, apparently when Hallett’s there, politicians feel they have to answer his question first.
  • The press is making a big deal about a study supposedly showing how Ohio can’t afford to phase out the income tax. In other news, officials in income tax-free Florida and Texas, neither of which has fallen into the Gulf of Mexico as a result of not having an income tax, broke out in uncontrollable laughter upon hearing about the study, while ordering up extra copies both of the study and of Ohio business contact directories to see which Buckeye State companies they might be able to snare next.
  • These officials from Texas and Florida are also rumored to be figuring out how they can best funnel money to Ted Strickland’s campaign to keep Ohio in circling-the-drain mode.
  • Finally, Florida’s Department of Commerce is working on finding Ted Strickland that T-Shirt shop he said he wanted to open up, take over, or purchase when he retires from public life. Yes, he said that Florida would be a good place to go. Of course it would be, Ted. The Sunshine State doesn’t have an income tax.

The original event-blogging follows.


2:30 p.m. – Courtesy of Matt Hurley of Weapons of Mass Discussion, I find myself about 10 feet from the stage where John Kasich will introduce his running mate Mary Taylor. Forget the “people know him” stuff about Hurley. It’s more like “he knows people.”

The only problem is we don’t have access to wireless, so this is coming to readers “delay-blogged” by several hours.

Click on “more” if you are at the home page to see the on-the-fly notes.

We’re in a pretty small room, maybe 15×30, in a building a bit northeast of the heart of downtown Cbus at what I understand is Kasich-Taylor HQ.

There are three rows of chairs (yours truly is in the middle of Row 3 about 10 feet from the lectern (at least until kicked out — which didn’t happen, meaning that I kept an establishment media person out of a chair, which should count as one of life’s guilty pleasures/small joys), with an array of probably 8 media cameras behind me, including Hurley, who came with tripod in hand. Maybe 30 people are in the room, about half of them press, I would estimate. There’s a door open to the outside in the back of the room, which has become quite cold.

While we’re waiting for the 3:00 p.m. announcement, I understand that Seth Morgan has announced for Auditor (actually, I’ve learned it’s the “exploratory committee” thing). I know this because “He Knows People” Hurley got a tweet on the way up indicating that Chris Redfern had congratulated the GOP on ceding the auditor’s race. Hmmm — Seth Morgan is a CPA. David Pepper is only a CPA in the sense that with his background he Can’t Plausibly Audit. The people of Ohio finally got an experienced CPA as an auditor in 2006, and I can’t imagine why they would want to de-professionalize the office. …. which reminds of that infamous 2006 video showing Mary Taylor’s opponent holding forth on how why she as an auditor wasn’t going to audit.

Kasich’s people just distributed a press booklet with various release material, including:
- A Kasich bio.
- The “after the fact” press release
- Taylor bio.
- Taylor list of accomplishments.

I’ll save excerpting from them until the Kasich people post them online, with this exception about Taylor. She noted finding $7.5 million in Medicaid abuse. If anyone in her office wants to contact me about a form of abuse that wastes that much money in less than 2 days on a 24-7-365 basis, see the e-mail link or the link to Monetary Matters at the top of the blog. I may learn that there’s nothing the State of Ohio can do about it as long as Medicaid rules are what they are, but I’d like to confirm that first.

2:50 p.m. — Somebody forgot to tell everyone in the press about the no-smoking in buildings rule — either that, or somebody’s clothes smell like a cig factory.

The crowd is pushing 50+ people, and it’s almost elbow to elbow to the left of our rows. Mental note: Thank Hurley for forcing us to get yours truly somewhere early with plenty of time to spare for the first time in memory.

I have a Columbus Business First reporter to the left of me and Jim Provance of the Toledo Blade on the right. Yeah, that Jim Provance.

3:00 p.m. — starts on time.

Kevin DeWine starts it off.

In 2006, Ted ran on turnaround OH, don’t see much of it now. …. 4 years later, 330k jobs lost … terrible econ development. Employers leave.

Strickland has failed to turn around OH.

We need change in every aspect of state gov. John Kasich will do that.

This team is unbeatable in Nov. Taylor is obvious choice when you consider difficult issues we are facing.

She has John’s credentials on budget issues.

Doesn’t want to talk about apportionment board today.

…. this is a conversation about the future of our state.

providing OH with best possible leadership time at one of our most critical time.

Strick has failed when it could not matter more.

Americans are fed up OH are fed up. … Tired of broken promises Kasich and Taylor will change that. They have always put the taxpayer first.

We have the best slate in a generation, as strong a gubernatorial ticket as you will see on any ballot in any state.

KASICH: Mary Taylor is qualified to be gov now. Wanted to be sure he named somebody who can step in and run the state.

Mary wouldn’t vote for a tax increase (the Taft tax increase in roughly 2003). They stripped her of Finance Committee seat, which is a badge of honor.

Mary stood on principle, and that’s what people want.

Kasich mentions meeting Tea Party people, who are saying “fix things now,” and to “win and act quickly.”

Mary as Auditor has made great suggestions that have been ignored by Strickland. She is creative, innovative, professional, takes care of family, great citizen, great professional.

She will play a major role in restructuring of this state.

We have to move this state in the direction of modernizing this govt.

Cost of doing biz is to the point where they can’t operate. New bizzes aren’t coming. We’re going to get OH back to being the promised land.

A terrific pick and different from what we’ve seen. Together we’re going to fix this state and push it into the 21 st century.

TAYLOR: This is a new day, we will make our state great again.

We need to limit frivolous lawsuits.

This is about transforming government as we know it.

As auditor for 3 yrs., I know that Ohioans deserve to know $ are spent efficiently and appropriately. We’re over-relying on onetime federal money (that will go away).

Gov Strickland is a hard guy to help.

I will assume the role of agent for change. We will transform state gov and make OH a better place to work, live, and raise a family.

Daughter of union bricklayer. Values made both of our families strong.

Govt. should only do what people can not do for themselves.

Our records speak for themselves.

State gov can’t live beyond its means.

Kasich was involved in Welfare Reform. Taylor claims credit for involvement in the 2005 tax reductions.

Kasich balanced fed budget for the first time in decades.

(Note: Someone needs to get Mary to the point where speak extemporaneously, or at least sound like she is [considering President Teleprompter, the latter would suffice]. She’s not there yet, the quicker she gets there, the better.)

JOE HALLETT of CBus Dispatch asked a question that I missed part of: “Put ___ above your own well-being. (huh?)”

Female reporter asks about onetime money. How is that consistent with eliminating the income tax?

TAYLOR: That could be $8 billion. We have to take a mess head-on. (didn’t answer Q directly)

KASICH: Kill the death tax, we’re driving people out.

On income tax: I never said we’d get rid of it immediately, and we don’t know how deep the hole is, but we won’t phase out in a matter that’s not consistent with responsible budgeting.

People are going to IN, FL, TX because of lower levels of tax. If OH’s costs are too high, they’ll go somewhere else. If we keep going, there will be less for everything.

In 1995, Federal Government had $3 trillion projected def.

When I left in 2000, we paid down $.5 trillion of debt and we had a 10-year projected surplus of $5 trill.

We intend to do the same kind of thing here.


KASICH: ditch-cliff analogy — “It’s a good thing the governor had a ditch to drive us into, because otherwise he would have taken us over a cliff.

I took on the GOP establishment in Washington.

After female AP reporter’s question:

MARY TAYLOR: We need to review the whole tax system and everything is on the table.

KASICH: (Hits on NCR’s departure from Dayton.)

We need to take politics out of decision-making. We really have no choice now.

Taxes, ergs, lawsuits, workforce. This has never been about politics for me. This is about fixing this state.

We want to get this state humming again. It’s not all about cutting, it’s about effectiveness.

We’re going to get the econ development job done.

Cites IN’s budget surplus because of Mitch Daniels’ businesslike approach.

Fixing workers’ comp.

Female reporter invokes Ken Blackwell because Chris Redfern did (huh?).

Kasich: speaks to his goals and his accomplishments.

I got Bush 41 mad at me. When I left Washington I had a police escort to the airport because they wanted to be sure I was really leaving.

Republicans lost their way.

People in Ohio are saying “Please help us.” People in Warren OH are hocking jewelry just to live. They want change, not a bailout, and hope.

TAYLOR: We need to finally transform government.

A great opportunity to make a real difference for Ohio.

Kasich on Taylor selection: If you’ve got LeBron James, you don’t leave him on the bench.

Take care of things at the top (of the ticket) and it will transfer all the way down.

We’re going to win lots of things (Senate, House). Kevin DeWine is working hard.


Assessment: Strong performance by Kasich. I don’t recall anyone who in person extemporaneously communicates his passion about improving his state more, period. Mary did a creditable job but needs to either get away from the script or be as good as President ‘Prompter at reading it.

Finally, intense thanks to Matt at WoMD for the invitation. It was a special privelege to be there.


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