January 16, 2010

Dave Yost Gets Another Spontaneous Endorsement!

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In my previous post about Washington County suspending party rules specifically to endorse Dave Yost, I said that the Clermont County endorsement was likely to be next. I was wrong!

My sincere apologies (and gratitude) go out to Huron County GOP officials who know what everyone knows about Ohio’s Attorney General race: Dave Yost: “The man!”



The Huron County Republican Party last night unanimously endorsed Prosecutor Dave Yost for Ohio Attorney General – the second time in a week that a county organization unexpectedly voted to take a position in Ohio’s hottest political race.

“This is a genuine grassroots uprising,” said Huron County Republican Chairman Rob Duncan. “This was not on the agenda, and there was no plan – the membership felt strongly about supporting a true conservative for Attorney General – Prosecutor Dave Yost.”

All four counties that have endorsed in the Attorney General’s race so far have gone for Prosecutor Yost. Huron County joined Yost’s home Delaware County, which also endorsed him last night; Washington County, which suspended its no-endorsement rule earlier this week to take sides, and GOP stronghold Butler County.

“The support Dave is picking up statewide is unprecedented,” said Matt Borges, spokesman for Yost’s campaign. “Spontaneous endorsements just don’t happen in Ohio Republican politics. With polling showing Prosecutor Yost winning a Primary, and every local GOP endorsement going to Dave, it couldn’t be clearer that the candidate Republicans want for AG is Dave Yost.”

Prosecutor Yost said the second surprise endorsement matches the momentum he feels in the streets.

“I’ve traveled more than 45,000 miles in the last year,” Yost said. “Everywhere I go, people are eager for change – for the better, and a hope that does not disappoint.”

Indeed. The graphic at Yost’s blog post celebrating the win says it all.