January 21, 2010

The Brown-Coakley Liberty-Tyranny Columns

Now that both blackout periods are over, the columns have been back-posted as follows:

  • January 18 — “Brown v. Coakley = Liberty v. Tyranny” (original at Pajamas Media is here)
  • January 19 — “The Punk President’s Repudiation” (original at Pajamas Media entitled “Liberty 1, Tyranny 0 After Brown’s Big Win” is here)


Thanks Rob Portman…NOT!

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News in from Clermont County this evening. Thanks to the letter Rob Portman wrote to the Clermont County Republican Central Committee, RINO extraordinaire, Jon Husted was endorsed last night.

1. RINO Husted did no work to earn that endorsement – didn’t make one call except the night before the meeting.
2. RINO Husted did not mention the Taft tax increase for which he voted.
3. RINO Husted did not mention that he led the charge for the Commercial Activity Tax.
4. RINO Husted did not mention his “little” residency issue.

Jon Husted, ladies and gentleman, elitest, RINO drinking buddy of Kevin DeWine, both of whom would just as soon spit on Clermont County (and have) than reach out.

So thank you, Rob Portman. Thank you for taking advantage of the county who consistently (in hindsight, foolishly) gave you over 70% of the vote. Kevin DeWine & Jon Husted said “Write a letter so we don’t have to lower ourselves to work Clermont County” and you said “OK boss, how gooey do you want it?!”

You played them, Rob. You know it, I know it…and in this Tea Party era, it won’t take the likes of me to help more people figure it out. When the dems get a hold of Husted – and they will – these people are going to say “Hey, why would Rob ask us to endorse a schmuck like this?”

Giving an endorsement to someone who has not earned it may say more about the committee than it says about you, but your role in it, playing them like you did, says about YOU than anyone else. Good luck with that.

Note to Clermont County: Why buy the milk if the calf is free?

Note to the “Establishment:” You should have stayed out of primaries.

Kevin DeWine, Screwing Up A Perfectly Perfect Storm… (Also See Updates)

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Once again, instead of submitting to the will of the people, Kevin DeWine and the frat boys at the ORP are tripping…

I know, nothing new. Ya know, I never thought anyone could make Bob Bennett look even remotely competent, but Kevin is getting closer than most.

After boxing out the money people and thumbing their nose at the grassroots favorite Attorney General candidate Dave Yost, NOW the ORP is whispering sweet nothings into his ear to run for the State Auditor’s seat vacated by Mary Taylor.

This of course puts him in a primary with Seth Morgan, who is expected to announce his candidacy for State Auditor today in Columbus.

Bad move all around. If Dave Yost moves to the Auditor’s race, he loses credibility – especially since he will be responsible for giving DeWine the AG primary by default – and seriously lessens his chances of beating Democratic useful idiot David Pepper. A primary between Yost & Morgan lessens both their chances.

Kevin DeWine is doing this to:
1. Clear the AG field for cousin Mike DeWine.
2. Pit two strong conservative candidates against each other in the Auditor primary (Yost & Morgan).
3. Remember, the least amount of conservatives the ORP has to deal with, the better.

Kevin, r-e-a-d,  t-h-i-s,  v-e-r-y,  c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. I’m typing really slow for you now…

All the money in the world will not help your loser, RINO, anti-Second Amendment, anti-ANWR, anti-traditional marriage, pro-Ted Kennedy legislation cousin, win the general even if you corruptly fix the primary so that he wins by default (do we need anymore fricking nepotism & corruption out of Columbus)? He will lose to Cordray and Cordray will not have to spend a dime, period.

So, we lose the Auditor’s seat and the AG seat. That’s some strategy, Kev.

Act in the best interest of the people for once Kevin. Support Dave Yost for AG, support Seth Morgan for Auditor and tell cousin Mikey that if he wants back in the game, pony-up some cash to genuine conservative candidates and maybe you’ll hire him next year.

And where is “I’m bordering on ego & narcissism” John Kasich? So much for leadership…grabs the Auditor under the guise of “the top of the ticket will drive the other races,” then allows idiots like Husted & DeWine to prevent that from happening? So much for any of them paying attention to what’s happening on the ground.

This year is a no-brainer…strong, conservative candidates and no retreads. That allows the perfect storm that has been brewing over the last 2 years to sweep some serious sense back into every seat that was lost in 2006. And as goes Ohio…

Instead, the “no-brainers” in Columbus have put the entire year in jeopardy.

I for one am tired of paying for Columbus’ derangement.

Update: Matt over @ WMD nails it here and here.

Update 2: Nate over @ From the Rustbelt hits this hard as well.

Update 3: Indications are that this is a done deal. Nothing like taking the wind out of our sails early.

Lucid Links (012110, Morning)

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Mitch Stewart from Obama’s Organizing For America, in the opening sentence of an e-mail to members, shows just how unreality-based this crowd is:

Yesterday’s disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration.

Yeah, Scott Brown’s supporters voted him for him because Team Obama’s developing tyranny isn’t moving fast enough. Pass the Kool-Aid.


An observation in another e-mail about one establishment media member’s reax to Scott Brown’s win:

Katie Couric wearing black again just as she did when Bush won in 2000 and 2004 check it out..Everytime a republican wins a big race she is in black.

There is some less-than-perfect corroboration here and here of Ms. Perky’s dark-dressed instincts.


Something that makes you go “Hmm …” — “Chrysler hires former exec to advise Marchionne.”

I don’t see the head of Fiat’s fiefdom as someone who would welcome a minder being imposed on him, which despite the weird description of what new guy Robert Liberatore is going to do (“He is expected to provide advice on Chrysler’s external affairs approach as the automaker tries to reshape itself following a government bailout and bankruptcy last year”) is what Obama’s car czars appear to have done.

It seems to me to be an indication that things are not going well, something the company’s atrocious sales performance has been telling us for months.


Supporting the notion that few Democrat-controlled national, state, or local seats are safe, here is the red-blue map of Massachusetts in the Brown-Coakley race:



Howler of the week, actually a week ago:

A big reason why the government is inefficient and ineffective is because Washington has outdated technology, with federal workers having better computers at home than in the office.

This startling admission came Thursday from Peter Orszag, who manages the federal bureaucracy for President Barack Obama.

Quick points:

  • Pete, you’ve been there a year. Assuming what you claim is even true, you’re just now noticing this?
  • You’re overseeing $3 trillion-plus in spending. You waste hundreds of billions in “stimulus” that as I wrote on Tuesday night, “has ‘stimulated’ nothing but the growth of crowds at the unemployment office,” and you can’t find a few billion for supposedly desperately needed computers?

Let’s do some math.

USA Today told us in December (HT American Thinker) that “nearly one in five federal government employees now earn over $100,000.” There were 2.7 million executive branch civilian federal employees in 2008. Since “nearly one in five” make 100 grand or more, we’ll just work with a nice round 500,000.

USA also says that the average federal worker’s pay is $71,206 vs. $40,331 in the private sector.

Even before considering quantity discounts, a look at this page at Best Buy (see left frame) shows that you can easily purchase a very nice laptop for $1,000. Put the necessary software on it, and you’re surely still at $1,500 or less. Thus, it would take only $4.05 billion (2.7 million x $1,500) to equip every federal employee, including janitors, with a new laptop.

Even after ignoring the oil-driven price bubble during the summer of 2008, inflation has been virtually zero in the past 21 months (December 2009 – 214.537; March 2008 – 214.823; Overall change – minus 0.13%).

There is NO reason why federal employees, especially those making over 100 grand, should have received the 2% across the board raises President Obama put into place with an Executive Order for calendar 2010, especially because, as USAT pointed out, “Most federal workers also get longevity pay hikes — called steps — that average 1.5% per year.”

Foregoing the pay raise would have saved $3.84 billion ($71,206 x 2.7 million employees x 2%).

Further denying step-ups to those making 100 grand or more year would have saved more than $750 million (500,000 x $100,000 x 1.5%, plus 1.5% of salary amounts over $100,000).

Total savings: Over $4.6 billion ($3.84 bil plus $750 mil plus undefined additional amount).

Problem solved.

Moves such as these would have also gained the administration incalculably valuable PR. But Pete Orszag and this administration don’t think this way. They would prefer to expand government employment, wages, and benefits as much as possible while whining about how deprived they are. Spare me.