March 19, 2010

Breaking: Boccieri Flips (UPDATE: ‘Go Local’)

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According to Fox, that’s vote number 215. Other assessments vary.

Anyone seeing this video from 2008 knew that Carpetbagger Boccieri would sell out his alleged pro-life beliefs when it mattered:

UPDATE: A suggestion from Pete Hoekstra (HT to an e-mailer) —

For health-care opponents getting a busy signal when calling the capitol, Rep. Pete Hoekstra has a message for you:

All politics is local, so swamp the phone lines of the state legislators too.

“If the people in Washington aren’t willing to listen, if the Democrats aren’t willing to listen, then call your local state elected officials and tell them that you’ll hold them personally accountable to what Nancy Pelosi is going to do the American people in Washington this week,” Hoekstra told The Daily Caller of his “Make it Local” idea.


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  1. Sayonara, John Boccieri (Updated: Charlie Wilson too)…

    Democrat John Boccieri (OH-16) just announced he’ll be voting “yes” on Obamacare. In response I just contributed $25.00 to Republican challenger Jim Renacci. Please do the same and contribute what you can, and let’s replace……

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