March 26, 2010

A Comparison: Yost v. Morgan (or ‘ORPINO v. The Base’)

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This is from the web site of ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only), trumpeting auditor candidate Dave Yost, non-CPA. It lists all of Yost’s endorsements to this point.

Yost has been endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party ORPINO, 98% of Ohio’s Republican County Auditors, three-fourths of Ohio’s Republican Senators, over 70% of Ohio’s Republican County Prosecutors, the Belmont, Delaware, Muskingum, Preble and Putnam County Republican Parties, Ken Blackwell, and now the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Wait a minute — who crossed out those items above?

Oh, it was I (sheepish grin :–>).

The aforementioned auditors’ and senators’ endorsements are tainted by ORPINO’s historically demonstrated threats of reprisals against those who don’t toe the line, and their willingness to carry out said threats. No one can know if any of these endorsements were made by the people involved of their own free will. They are therefore presumptively worthless until shown otherwise. The prosecutors get the benefit of the doubt because they endorsed Yost when he was running for Attorney General. As I understand it, the county parties conducted their business largely with secret ballots, so they’re presumably fine too.

Now there’s this, from the web site of Seth Morgan, CPA:

- Lake Country Republican Party unanimous endorsement announcement.
- Combined announcement of the Miami County Republican Party Convention’s “overwhelming” endorsement and Summit County GOP’s unanimous one.
- Then, of course (from Morgan’s news release page), there are the endorsement of Morgan by Madison, Scioto, Cuyahoga, Greene, and Brown Counties.
- We have Citizens for Community Values and other Statewide community-values leaders.
- Influential Ohio legislators not worried about reprisals.

Oh, and I almost forgot these, from this previous BizzyBlog post — there’s the Ohio Tea Party PAC of the Ohio Liberty Council consisting of:
- Akron Tea Party
- Americans Against Government Excess
- Ashland Tea Party
- Ashtabula County Patriots
- Athens Tea Party
- Buckeye Firearms Association
- Canton Tea Party
- Cincinnati Tea Party
- Central Ohio 912 Project
- The Children of Liberty
- Chillicothe Tea Party
- Cincinnati 912 Project
- Columbiana County Tea Party
- Columbus Tea Party
- Cleveland Tea Party
- Dayton Tea Party
- Defiance Freedom
- Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens
- Findlay 912 Project
- The Forgotten Man
- Grand Lake Patriots
- Hamilton Tea Party
- Holmes County Liberty Coalition
- Homemakers for America
- Holgate Tea Party
- If You Believe
- Knox County 912 Project
- Lancaster Tea Party
- Lorain County 912 Project
- The Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association
- Marietta OH 912 Project
- Medina County Friends and Neighbors
- Mentor 912 Group
- North Central Ohio Conservatives
- Ohio Freedom Alliance
- Organizing for Freedom
- Ottawa Tea Party
- Patriots Unite
- Portage County Tea Party
- Sons of Liberty Riders
- Springboro Tea Party
- Springfield Tea Party
- Stark 912 Patriots
- Summit 912 Project
- Union County 912
- West Central Ohio 912
- Wilmington 912 Project
- Wellsville Tea Party
- Westlake 912 Project
- Wooster 912 Project
- Van Wert Tea Party
- Young Americans for Liberty – OSU
- Young Americans for Liberty – University of Cincinnati
- Zanesville Patriots

The Ohio Republican Party is at war with its own sensible conservative base. That’s why they’re called ORPINO (The Ohio Republican Party In Name Only).

Final 4Q09 GDP: An Annualized +5.6%; More Support for ‘Windows 7 Recovery’

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The initial result was an annualized +5.7% in January, revised upward to +5.9% in February.

The final result, just announced: an annualized +5.6%.

More coming ….

UPDATE: What was first noticeable in the January estimate is more pronounced in February and March


Info processing, which is a mere 4.5% of total GDP (from the most recent Table 3, $589.7 billion divided by $13.149 trillion) was responsible for over half of the non-inventory growth in the economy during the fourth quarter (up from about one-third in the first estimate), further validating my characterization of what’s going on as a “Windows 7″ recovery.

If there’s any evidence that Obama administration policies have contributed to growth, I’m not seeing it. Not that these ingrates would ever do it (because they think they are responsible for growth, not the people who actually go out and do the work and run businesses every day), but they (and we) should be thanking God every might for Microsoft getting an operating system upgrade right. Apple’s contribution has also been significant.

UPDATE 2: Meanwhile, the personal consumption expenditures component of GDP growth fell from 1.44 points in January to 1.23 and 1.16 points in February and March, respectively.

UPDATE 3: Not a big deal in comparison to other results not meeting expectations, but Jeannine Aversa at the Associated Press reports that “Economists had expected that the fourth-quarter reading would stay at 5.9 percent.” She also notes that “Businesses in the fourth quarter boosted spending on equipment and software at a pace of 19 percent, the most in 11 years.”

The Ignorant Seattle Times and the Rep. Driehaus Office Rock-Throw (UPDATE: The Times Responds, and Corrects)


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People in Cincinnati who follow politics reasonably closely will be scratching their heads wondering what’s gotten into the people assembling news stories at the Seattle Times once they learn of what the Times reported in an item that originally went up Wednesday evening and was modified Thursday morning:

A rock was thrown through the window of (1st District Congressman) Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday, and a death threat was phoned in to his Washington office a day later, Mulvey said.

Driehaus, who claims to be pro-life but in reality stopped being so when he supported Barack Obama for President in 2008, is one of the members of the Bart Stupak contingent that abandoned their alleged pro-life beliefs to vote for statist health care in the House Sunday night.

Well, perhaps the death threat was real, and of course if it is it demands a thorough investigation.

But there’s a “little” problem with the news about that rock throw:

Driehaus’s office is on the 30th floor of the Carew Tower downtown:


Instapundit reports that e-mailer Justin Binik-Thomas informed him that “he spoke to Driehaus’ office today and they said this never happened.”

Oh, but thousands (or is it hundreds?) of Seattle readers will believe it, plus the readers of the news service from which the Times originally obtained its info if an original report was indeed mistaken (I haven’t found another such report in a brief search for one).

The false Driehaus story will feed the bogus but growing media meme that opponents of this administration are violently unhinged. Absent a retraction, it may be that the folks at the Times are really celebrating a mission accomplished.

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UPDATE, March 26, 8:30 p.m.: I received the following in an e-mail from Leon Spinoza of the Times —

Hi. This is Leon Espinoza, executive news editor of The Seattle Times. I am trying to respond to the NewsBusters posting regarding the “Ignorant Seattle Times.” We picked up the information in question from the Bloomberg News wire service. On Friday (March 26), our wire editor called Tim Mulvey, the spokesman for Ohio Democratic Rep. Steve Driehaus. Mulvey, who was quoted in the article, said he was misquoted about where the rock was thrown. We contacted Bloomberg, which investigated and then moved a correction. We are publishing this correction in print and have corrected the information at our Web site.

Correction: A story Thursday about vandalism and threats triggered by the health-care overhaul vote said a rock was thrown through the window of Ohio Democratic Rep. Steve Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday. The statement was attributed to Driehaus’ spokesman Tim Mulvey. Mulvey said Friday that he was misquoted by Bloomberg. A rock was thrown through the window of Hamilton County Democratic Party headquarters in Cincinnati, Mulvey said.

The text within the article has been corrected, and a formal correction is now at the end of of the Times’s report.

BizzyBlog-only UPDATE: Instapundit reax

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Thanks. And I didn’t even have to get Retracto on the case!

Oh, if you’re an establishment media publication, you do not want your error to linger long enough to get Retracto’s attention.