April 14, 2010

‘The ORP Is Trying to Co-Opt … The Tea Party Movement’ (Also: Vetting Party Crasher Bob McEwen)

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I was forwarded this e-mail earlier this morning:

Dear Conservative Friends,

The following letter and attachment are from Jim and Lisa Woods of MCFAN (Medina County Friends and Neighbors). Please read them carefully and review the list of state central committee candidates for your senate district. With your help, we can elect these folks and return conservative leadership to the Ohio Republican Party. Please forward this email to everyone in your address book and/or contact list.


Steve Christopher

Here is Jim and Lisa’s letter, dated April 13, 2010:

As you know the Ohio Republican Party is trying to co-opt the reputation of the conservative grassroots “Tea Party” movement, and use it to endorse their own slate of state central committee members who will help them to keep the Ohio Republican Party closed, exclusive, and unresponsive to us.

Dan Lillback and I have compiled a list of all the patriots who have answered the call a couple of months ago to run for State Central Committee themselves. We have also included on the list those few incumbents whose conservative voting record on the State Central Committee indicates that we should keep them. The list of patriots running for State Central Committee is attached.

Please be sure that this list of patriots gets the widest possible distribution, to refute the ORP’s campaign of false advertising that is currently underway. Be sure to announce them and showcase our candidates in whichever Senate district your Tea Party or other meeting is being held. Forward this email to everyone in your address book.

Also attached is the legal action initiated by one of our candidates to stop the ORP from its illegal expenditure of funds in its campaign to defeat conservative Republicans. Anyone interested in joining Thea in her lawsuit, please contact her.

The ORP has declared war on the conservative majority. We must respond, and win.



What follows is a (somewhat revised–see update) list of their suggestions for committee members in the Senate Districts (with e-mails and phone numbers expunged; Update — The list is being revised based on e-mails received and comments below):

1 — April Fryman, Jeff Fryman
2 — Jim Hoover
3 — Jennifer Elicson, Bil Todd
4 — Bobbi Radeck, Mark Haverkos
5 — Diana Fessler
6 — Lara Norris, Chuck Henshall
7 — Lori Viars, Bob McEwen
8 — Christa Criddle*, David Miller*
9 — Joanne Kremmer, Alex Triantifilou
10 — CJ Bieghler, David Kearney
13 — (Both races are contested; see Comment 2 below)
14 — Thea Shoemake, John Becker*
16 — Christy Overla, George Momirov
17 — Kathleen Ayres*, Matt Lamb
18 — Amy Sabath*, Dale Fellows*
19 — Teri Morgan*, Richard Cochran
20 — Rebecca Khune, Bruce Kelbaugh
21 — Susan Rodman, Charles Drake
22 — Sandy Calvert, James Woods
23 — Colleen Wing*, Mike Griffith
24 — Molly Smith
25 — Beverly Goldstein, Ron Lisy
26 — Marsha Woods-Rexroth, Shayne Dukette
27 — Kathy Sadler
28 — Andrew Manning*
29 — Greg Butler
31 — Mike Fracassa
32 — April Sabo, Jack Sabo
33 — Sarah Brown*, Dennis Strickler

* – indicates incumbent identified as being “good guys”

I count 50 Tea Party-sympathetic members. Anyone receiving an ORPINO (Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) mailer NOT containing any of the above names should be very wary of supporting that person, and, after appropriate research, should strongly consider supporting the person or persons above running for SCC in their district (with one exception noted below).


This brings me to “my” District, which is #7.

Lori Viars has my support. If Mary Ann Christie publicly denounces ORPINO for what they did on SCC incumbents’ behalf (I don’t know for sure that they did it for her), I might reconsider, but I doubt it. Ms. Viars, though she has made mistakes in her candidate preferences in the past, has strong sensible conservative values and a demonstrated track record of fighting for them.

But on the male side of the ballot, I see Bob McEwen.

Lord, have mercy. The last thing I want to do is mess with this again. But of course I must.

Mr. McEwen is running against three other guys. I’m voting for one of the others — which one will be determined after appropriate investigation. I strongly encourage others to vote for one of the others, because Bob McEwen, while he may claim to hold Tea Party values, has not only not practiced them, he has serially violated them for two decades.

In 2002, the Highland County, Ohio Board of Elections concluded that McEwen, his wife, and eventually his kids(!), voted illegally in Ohio for several years while they lived in Virginia, and nullified their voter registrations. Whether the McEwens illegally voted in person or by what was then known as an absentee ballot is not particularly relevant (though I believe it was usually the latter). The fact is that the McEwens brazenly and repeatedly did one of the very things that ACORN types clearly attempted to do (and likely succeeded in doing more than a few times without getting caught) in Ohio during the 2008 general election.

I’m sorry, even with appropriate remorse (which I haven’t seen), that’s simply unforgivable, and cannot be tolerated.

Adding insult to injury, McEwen is still from all appearances a Washington lobbyist and “partner” at Advantage Associates International. One of Advantage’s tag lines is: “Access… an Advantage available to those who have earned the privilege.” This is a firm that flaunts the very Washington insider game-playing that so justifiably outrages Tea Partiers.

McEwen’s apparent continued association with Advantage leads me to question the legitimacy of his claim to reside in the 7th District, or at a minimum how much of his time he spends here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I got to “two decades,” I have three words: House Bank Scandal.

More about McEwen’s disqualifications is here, here, and here.

The lesson in Bob McEwen’s alleged “Tea Party” SCC candidacy is that “party crashers” can take on many forms, and can come from either the left or the “right.” All must be intercepted, and stopped.



  1. We have similar issues with the California Party, as detailed HERE:

    If I don’t join the Federation, does that make me Romulan?

    Tomorrow, I am focusing on CA-GOP’s efforts to foist Carly Fiorina on us — they had to stage a “Tea Party” event for her because none of the regular Tea Party groups invited her.

    Comment by Mutnodjmet — April 14, 2010 @ 4:43 pm

  2. Both races in the 13th are contested, though not indicated on this list. On the men’s side, incumbent Bob Rousseau is being challenged by Andy Winemiller and Robert Duncan. Word on the street is that Robert Duncan was asked by the ORP to challenge Rousseau as payback for Rousseau’s dissenting vote at the time the ORP endorsed Husted for SoS. During a conversation I had with Duncan at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Fremont, Duncan voiced his full support for Mike DeWine back before the fate of Steven Christopher’s election bid was determined. I also spoke with Andy Winemiller at length while at the Fremont event, and was pleased with all of his responses to my questions. Residents of the 13th can vote any way they choose, but I’d be wary of the candidate rumored to be the ORP’s pick. On the women’s side, word on the street is that incumbent Joyce Houck is being promoted in mailers paid for by the ORP. Her challenger is Marilyn Jacobcik, and Marilyn Jacobcik definitely deserves any votes from the 13th district cast for her. I strongly urge voting for Jacobcik to replace the incumbent.

    Comment by Daniel Jack Williamson — April 14, 2010 @ 9:57 pm

  3. #1, best of luck. I edited “state” to “stage” because I think that’s what you meant. One of these days I’m going to figure out how to enable the preview function.

    That’s even a step further than ORPINO. Do I dare ask if Hugh Hewitt is going to be at the staged event?

    Comment by TBlumer — April 15, 2010 @ 9:54 am

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  6. After much careful deliberation and several hours of investigation, I have made my own endorsements for the GOP state central committee in the 13th district: Robert Rousseau and Marilyn Jacobcik. The information I cobbled together appears at Buckeye RINO (women’s race; men’s race)

    Comment by Daniel Jack Williamson — April 19, 2010 @ 6:48 pm

  7. #6, thanks DJW. Added links to your place.

    Comment by TBlumer — April 19, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

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