May 2, 2010

8-1/2 Painful Minutes from 2007: ‘Husted Announces $100 million in college scholarships’

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Sometimes I don’t understand why something shows up in a Google Alert.

Given that the following video is from three years ago (March 24, 2007), that’s especially mysterious.

But I’m glad it did, because if you can stand to watch it, what follows reveals the utter incoherence, go-along-get-along nature, and spend-happiness of Jon Husted, Bill Harris, and by inference ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only), all in one clueless package.

It’s difficult to figure out where to start with these guys, so let’s roll the tape:

Remember, this was three years ago … and the results are … where?

Meanwhile, Husted’s defenders and his party-driven apparatus are desperately trying to smear his Secretary of State race opponent’s competence and temperament. ORPINO is also trying to do the same to Seth Morgan. I suggest you guys pay attention to what they say about people who live in glass houses.

Jon Husted, for so many reasons, does not deserve a promotion.

I’ll hopefully have a chance to get into this more this evening.


QUICK UPDATE: One hears Mr. Harris brag about fuel cells. Here’s a related PR release from a year ago

Ohio Third Frontier has invested over $80 million in fuel cells through a variety of different programs, which has resulted in the creation or retention of 430 jobs with an average salary of $68,431. Overall, the Ohio Third Frontier has created, capitalized or attracted more than 600 companies, has created nearly 55,000 direct and indirect jobs and helped create $6.6 billion in economic impact in Ohio, a 9:1 return on investment.

Points relating to the bolded items:

  • $80 mil for 430 jobs is $186,000 per job.
  • This claim only works if you believe that 8,527 direct jobs magically create 46,473 more indirect jobs. C’mon. This is the same type of math abuse promoted by the Obama administration to claim mega-gazillion “created and saved” jobs in the bogus stimulus plan — and it’s only theoretically “valid” when unemployment is 7.5% or lower. In Ohio, it’s really 11.5%. This “created and saved” nonsense seems to have become so embarrassing that even Team Obama has been recently ramping back the hype.


UPDATE, 10:45 p.m. — Husted starts off by telling his audience (college trustees) that Republicans want to outspend Ted Strickland in support of higher education (a 10% increase in state aid to higher ed in the second year, which of course gets a round of applause). This is at a time — early in the Strickland administration — when storm clouds were already brewing over the economically lagging Buckeye State, and he was okay with throwing money around like candy. Husted almost seems to believe that the General Assembly can create $100 million out of thin air for the STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medical) scholarships he describes. No Jon, the money comes from already overburdened taxpayers.

Without solving the fundamental problems of the state, which are taxes that are too high, a regulatory regime that is too burdensome, and an attitude that the state can pick winners and losers better than the marketplace, the millions of dollars being dedicated to “STEMM” have basically educated kids who simply say “thanks for the memories” and go elsewhere to get the higher-paying jobs Husted and later Harris describe.

Harris thinks that companies will move to Ohio because of the educated collegians who graduate from its schools. Not if they don’t stay here, guys … and they’re not staying here. Kids aren’t going to hang around waiting for companies to come here; when they graduate the favorable business climate has to be there already. You have to fix the business climate.

The fact that one has to explain this to alleged Republicans shows how utterly out of touch ORPINO and its favored politicians are.


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