May 4, 2010

Morgan Concedes

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In an e-mail from Seth Morgan:

None of us are happy with the end score, but our effort is no less worthy of praise.

I do my best to live by the rule of not judging success by the final outcome, but through our actions on the journey to get to the final outcome.

Our grade on effort and commitment, thanks to you, is an A+. I’m not one bit ashamed of what we’ve done, nor do I question the wisdom of what we’ve done.

We challenged the establishment in a way they’ve not been challenged for years. And our efforts have started a fire across Ohio. A fire of focus on the principles our Party has claimed to hold dear but has often showed they weren’t serious about.

We must now fan those flames, we must force our leaders to hear from us, time and again.

We will not fail in this endeavor because we cannot fail in this endeavor. The health of Ohio depends on our ability to articulate this vision of limited government, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, and state sovereignty.

Our movement is not about one person – it is about one Nation that needs our active participation in government.

I’m honored by the commitment you have shown to this cause and through that cause your commitment to me.

I thank you for the opportunity to labor beside you and I intend to continue to do so.

This is one battle lost, in a war that must be won – we must learn from our failures but be resolute in our effort for victory.

Yours in service,

Seth A. Morgan, CPA

I’ll support Dave Yost for Auditor in November, but I’ll never concede that he was the better candidate with the better November prospects. Morgan was. In this particular race, ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) has made it that much harder on itself for the next six months. It has made defeating David Pepper more difficult than it could have been.

At Politico: ‘Why the state auditor’s race matters’ (with Two Additional Points)

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As contained in a longer column on Ohio politics by James Hohmann (bolds are mine):

The most fascinating primary is for one of the most obscure offices—state auditor. In that contest, a messy Republican battle has morphed into a proxy fight for the soul of the GOP and a window into the electoral strength of the tea party movement in Ohio.

In an effort to help former Sen. Mike DeWine get the nomination, the state GOP establishment maneuvered Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney David Yost out of the race for attorney general and into the auditor’s contest. But that deal didn’t sit well with tea party activists that had previously supported Yost; the movement largely bucked him after he got the state GOP’s official imprimatur for auditor.

Instead, grassroots conservatives switched sides and went to Seth Morgan, a CPA who is counting on huge turnout in Southwest Ohio, the reddest part of the state.

“It’s been kind of hard to get a read on what turnout will be like,” Morgan said. “If the tea parties do turn out in any sense, then I think we’ll be victorious.”

Yost, meanwhile, touts his endorsement from Kenneth Blackwell, the 2006 Republican gubernatorial nominee and a tea party and conservative favorite.

There are two big misses in Hohmann’s narrative.

His first is that he is vastly underestimating the influence Northeast Ohio will have in the “soul of the GOP” races races this time around. MCFAN in Medina County near Cleveland has been the go-to place for State Central Committee info. The Northeast has at least matched Southwestern Ohio in Tea Party fervor. My eyewitness reports from Tea Party and 9/12 events in NEO indicate that in some ways folks up there are more fired up about handing ORPINO (the Republican Party In Name Only) its hat than the folks in the Southwest. Given the economy Democrats and go-along RINOs have delivered to that part of the Buckeye State during the past 15-plus years, and especially the past two or three, it’s easy to see why.

Hohmann’s second miss is not mentioning the Secretary of State race. The unprecedented ORPINO poll location slate-card handout operation is as much about protecting Jon Husted from an upset victory at the hands of Sandy O’Brien as it is about Yost v. Morgan.

So the question tonight is whether GOP primary voters will save ORPINO from itself, or at least get 5/6 of the way there, leaving unopposed Mike DeWine as the only incorrigible.

Breaking: ORPINO Operatives Are Handing Out Slate Cards at Polling Locations

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I’ve been voting in Ohio for 35 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this.

At the second of the two polling locations I have visited thus far today, an operative from ORPINO (that would be the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) was there. “Joe,” who looked to be in his mid-20s, was so proud of what he was doing that he wouldn’t tell me his last name, though I told him mine. “Joe” was handing out shiny slate cards promoting ORPINO’s endorsed candidates, as well as the incumbent State Central Committee member they claim to have endorsed but didn’t, at least when such literature and mailings were first created a few weeks ago (they may have endorsed since).

My mission was to hand out literature promoting the candidacies of Thea Shoemake for State Central Committee and Seth Morgan, CPA for State Auditor. I dutifully promoted Morgan as the only CPA on the ballot to voters passing by on their way into the polling place. Apparently this got good ‘ol “Joe’s” goat, as at one point he responded with, “Well, let me tell you about the real Republicans.” ORPINO apparatchik “Joe” appeared to be continually reporting his take on whether a given voter or voters appeared likely to support the party’s candidates over a cell phone or similar data device. This would seem to indicate a heavy and highly coordinated effort involving lots and lots of ORPINO’s peeps (some of whom may have been imported from out of state).

I seriously doubt that “Joe” was working for free, or is taking a day of unpaid vacation.

This ORPINO presence at the polls during a primary is probably unprecedented. I certainly can’t recall anything like it in the 35 years I’ve been voting. The expenditure of financial resources continues to be breathtakingly irresponsible, and should further infuriate John Kasich, Mary Taylor, and Josh Mandel.

The group at this particular location also included Jennifer Black, twin sister of Jean Schmidt, who went on and on with arriving voters as to how wonderful Dave Yost is, and how he has put lots of criminals away. That would be nice if Yost were still running for Attorney General, Jen, but he’s not.

“Joe” figured out that yours truly is the proprietor of this humble little blog, and revealed such when there was a discussion in the group. As I left, I suggested that he avoid using the term “real Republican” in describing his candidates, thereby inferring that Morgan, O’Brien and Shoemake are not. I know ORPINO isn’t big on social conservative things, “Joe,” but there is a Commandment that has to do with telling the truth.

Related: Current reports are that turnout has been very light. My theory is that traditional Republicans might be a bit more likely to vote earlier in the day, and that Tea Party-sympathetic voters are a bit more likely to turn out in the afternoon and early evening after work. In other words, I think this is working to the advantage of Morgan and SOS candidate Sandy O’Brien.

‘State Capitalism’ …

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is socialism.

Positivity: 3-Year-Old Meets Men Who Saved His Life

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From Deerfield Beach, Florida:

Apr 27, 2010 8:56 pm US/Eastern

Three-year-old Carter Johnson dressed like his heroes Tuesday to say thank you to the firefighters who saved his life. “Thank you for being there for us,” Carter said, giving high-fives to them.

Last Saturday, Carter was playing on his quad, that’s a motorized toy car, and got too close to the pool.

“I ride my quad around the pool and I went in the pool,” Carter said. “And I was going under water. ”

“I saw the quad sitting in the pool,” recalled his father Phil Johnson. “And Carter was floating right about where that blue thing is right there,” he continued, pointing to the middle of the pool.

Phil was away for just a split second, answering the phone, when he saw his son under water. He dove in, began CPR and ran with his son to his neighbor for help.

“I heard a blood curdling scream of my name as Phil came down the street with Carter in his arms,” said Jason White. White happens to be a Palm Beach County Fire Fighter.

He got to work fast as Carter was not breathing and turning blue. “I knew we had a viable patient and I was going to get him back or die trying,” vowed White.

“I knew if I went running out of the house yelling,” said Phil, tearing up as he remembered, “somebody would respond and thank god Jason was home to save my son.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.