May 4, 2010

At Politico: ‘Why the state auditor’s race matters’ (with Two Additional Points)

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As contained in a longer column on Ohio politics by James Hohmann (bolds are mine):

The most fascinating primary is for one of the most obscure offices—state auditor. In that contest, a messy Republican battle has morphed into a proxy fight for the soul of the GOP and a window into the electoral strength of the tea party movement in Ohio.

In an effort to help former Sen. Mike DeWine get the nomination, the state GOP establishment maneuvered Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney David Yost out of the race for attorney general and into the auditor’s contest. But that deal didn’t sit well with tea party activists that had previously supported Yost; the movement largely bucked him after he got the state GOP’s official imprimatur for auditor.

Instead, grassroots conservatives switched sides and went to Seth Morgan, a CPA who is counting on huge turnout in Southwest Ohio, the reddest part of the state.

“It’s been kind of hard to get a read on what turnout will be like,” Morgan said. “If the tea parties do turn out in any sense, then I think we’ll be victorious.”

Yost, meanwhile, touts his endorsement from Kenneth Blackwell, the 2006 Republican gubernatorial nominee and a tea party and conservative favorite.

There are two big misses in Hohmann’s narrative.

His first is that he is vastly underestimating the influence Northeast Ohio will have in the “soul of the GOP” races races this time around. MCFAN in Medina County near Cleveland has been the go-to place for State Central Committee info. The Northeast has at least matched Southwestern Ohio in Tea Party fervor. My eyewitness reports from Tea Party and 9/12 events in NEO indicate that in some ways folks up there are more fired up about handing ORPINO (the Republican Party In Name Only) its hat than the folks in the Southwest. Given the economy Democrats and go-along RINOs have delivered to that part of the Buckeye State during the past 15-plus years, and especially the past two or three, it’s easy to see why.

Hohmann’s second miss is not mentioning the Secretary of State race. The unprecedented ORPINO poll location slate-card handout operation is as much about protecting Jon Husted from an upset victory at the hands of Sandy O’Brien as it is about Yost v. Morgan.

So the question tonight is whether GOP primary voters will save ORPINO from itself, or at least get 5/6 of the way there, leaving unopposed Mike DeWine as the only incorrigible.



  1. High turnout in my precinct…

    This is an off-year primary election, so you’d be justified in expecting low turnout at today’s election … but you’d be wrong. I cast my ballot right before the polls closed, and the poll workers……

    Trackback by Brain Shavings — May 4, 2010 @ 10:50 pm

  2. The TORPINO (add “tyrannical”) ran to thwart any voice of defense.

    Guess the “Chicago Thug School of Politics” transcends party. Bet I can guess who graduated with Barry…

    Comment by Anon — May 4, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

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