May 5, 2010

Silver Linings Dept.

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My unofficial count has Tea Party-sympathetic candidates (based on a cross-reference to the MCFAN list) winning 21 of 66 State Central Committee races, though a couple may be too close to call.

The legitimate conservatism and backbone of several of those 21 is questionable, either because of their own questionable pasts or their current actions. Nonetheless, Kevin DeWine et al will have to deal with a vocal minority they won’t be able to totally ignore — a minority that will also more than likely shed a little light on previously blacked-out deliberations.

A second silver lining may be the relatively high percentage of independent voters who turned out. That’s only anecdotal at the moment (e.g., precincts running out of independent ballots while still having plenty of Dem and GOP ballots), and will need further investigation.

Nobody said regaining a legitimate Republican Party, instead of the one we have in Ohio that is In Name Only, will be easy.

Line of the night, from an e-mail:

I’ve not seen Republicans work that hard against democrats.”

Nor have I.


UPDATE, May 5: Given yesterday’s unprecedented financially wasteful authoritarian tactics, the State Central Committee’s Tea Party minority will not be in the best of moods going in.

UPDATE, May 5, Afternoon: I’ve gone over the SCC races again, and though a couple of races have switched, the Tea Party-sympathetic total is still at 21. I count 12 women and 9 men. You go, girls and guys.


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