May 16, 2010

You Go, Chris Christie — And a Message for John Kasich

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This is long overdue:

This is what some of us thought we saw in John Kasich a year or so ago.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio, Jon Husted and Mike DeWine, the Party’s two totally unacceptable down-ticket candidates are both planting seeds about running for Governor — in 2014. Given these rumblings, is it really so crazy to think that ORPINO (the Ohio Republican Party In Name Only) and its vaunted “money people” would like to see you lose, even if it means that the Buckeye State circles the drain for four more years under a reelected Ted Strickland?

The people at ORPINO are not your friends, John. It almost seems as if they despise Republicans who aren’t beholden to them more than Democrats. I don’t recall ORPINO conducting an 8-mailing, poll-watching enterprise on behalf of Ken Blackwell to defeat Ted Strickland back in 2006 — or ever. But ORPINO probably blew over $1 million (especially if you include the value of allocated staff time) doing exactly that to ensure the defeats of superior candidates Seth Morgan and Sandy O’Brien.

(Hint to Kevin DeWine and ORPINO: You don’t get it. You may think that this state can drift for another four years, but we don’t have four more years, for reasons that should be obvious but on which I’ll elaborate in the coming weeks and months.)

BTW, John — Do you think Chris Christie would be a big fan of Third Frontier?


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