May 28, 2010

Disengaged, Disjointed … Almost Disinterested

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At the Hill’s Blog Briefing Room:

Asked if this was the president’s Hurricane Katrina, (Chief Deputy Whip Kevin) McCarthy (R-Calif.) responded, “It very well could be.”

He explained that Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who represents the district in which the BP explosion occurred, said he tried reaching the president last Thursday to discuss possible solutions.

“He was called back by a staffer on Friday who said that the president was too busy to talk to him. He understood that until I turned on the TV and saw that he was golfing and went out to California to do a fundraiser. He said — six days now and he’s never even spoken to him,” McCarthy said.

Oh it seems much worse than than Katrina, whether it gets reported as such or not.

In Katrina, state and local officials in Louisiana didn’t do their jobs. With the BP rig, it’s the government that hasn’t been doing its job. That’s no longer arguable.

‘I Would Recommend You Panic’

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Echoing a classic TV program, the question is, “Who do you trust?”

The choices are: an Ivy League professor, a journalist, and a hedge-fund manager with skin in the game.

At this video, see which one recommends panic (question begins at about the 1:05 mark), and which one turns into a snotty whiner (about 5 minutes in; HT ZeroHedge):

Latest WEOZ Post: ‘Immigration Reform … in Massachusetts?’

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It’s here at the Washington Examiner’s OpinionZone blog.

It starts as follows:

Excuse me for questioning the sincerity of ultraliberal Massachusetts Democrats’ sudden interest in reforming the state’s immigration laws.

Read on here.

Lightning Links (052810, Morning)

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So much happening, so little time to comment:

  • At Hot Air“CNN poll: 82% oppose boycotts of Arizona over immigration-enforcement law.” The poll (PDF) is here. Discussion question: Is there a reason to question the timing, given CNN’s affiliation with Opinion Research Corporation, an outfit with heavy Clintonian connections?
  • Michelle Malkin is spot-on in employing adjectives like “diffident,” “bizarrely detached,” “eyes glazed over,” and  ”more self-pity than compassion” to describe Barack Obama’s pattern of behavior from Fort Hood to the thwarted Christmas bombing to yesterday’s press conference in her column and accompanying commentary today.
  • Can’t make this up — “NJ Teacher who complained of low pay to Gov. Chris Christie makes >$100,000 with benefits
  • Congressman Tom Price at — “Bloggers Beware – They’re Coming After You!” (HT Instapundit)
  • At the New York Times“In New Era of TV, Rival Hosts Drown Out King.” Quote: “His audience has been cut in half since the last presidential election.” The Times essentially whines that supposedly cool, objective guys like King are being drowned out by partisans. Spare me.
  • Pressing Priorities “Obama on NBA: Ticket prices too high”
  • Here are two things that can’t really exist in the same universe. First, this opening sentence at a USA Today article about a broader USAT/Gallup poll: “Americans are increasingly optimistic about the economy.” Second, at Gallup today: “U.S. Economic Confidence Declining in Late May.”

Positivity: Archbishop Gomez warmly welcomed in Los Angeles

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From Los Angeles:

May 26, 2010 / 06:24 pm

Archbishop Jose Gomez was officially welcomed at a Rite of Reception Mass in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles on Wednesday, a move that officially begins his ministry within the southern California community.

Archbishop Gomez, currently the Coadjutor Archbishop of the L.A. Archdiocese, will succeed Cardinal Roger Mahony, who will retire at the age of 75 in February of next year.

An estimated 4,000 people, including 59 bishops and 411 priests, attended the multilingual celebration at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles.

When Cardinal Mahony introduced Archbishop Gomez at the beginning of the Mass, the archbishop was greeted by a standing ovation. Among those present at the ceremony were Cardinal Justin Regali of Philadelphia and Cardinal William Leveda.

Cardinal Mahony opened his homily by focusing on the day’s Gospel reading, where Christ tells St. Peter, “upon this rock, I will build my Church.”

“It is Jesus himself who is the cornerstone of God’s plan of salvation in every age,” the cardinal emphasized. “He is ever at work building up his Church. Jesus alone is the supreme shepherd of the flock.”

“Today we recognize that Jesus is present in our midst as when he commissioned Peter,” he noted. “ As I near the end of my time of tending this corner of the vineyard, the shepherd’s staff is being passed to Archbishop Gomez.”

“Mahony goes, Gomez comes, but Christ alone endures.”

During his homily, Cardinal Mahony also praised the leadership of Archbishop Gomez and implored him to focus his efforts on increasing the number of priests and consecrated men and women within the archdiocese. …

Go here for the rest of the story.