July 8, 2010

At WEOZ: ‘Hijacking Martin Luther King’s Image’

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It’s here.

It deals with the apparent presumption by open-borders and “amnesty” advocates that the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be on their side if he were alive today. The evidence points strongly in the opposite direction.

It will go here at BizzyBlog on Saturday afternoon (link won’t work until then) when the blackout expires.

The post has some interesting history, especially for those who don’t already know it.

Evening News Watch: NBC Trick May Have Enabled Big 3 Nets to Avoid Going Below Combined 19 Million

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NBCABCCBSchartGraphicLast week, Matt Robare at NewsBusters noted the fact that the Big 3 networks’ combined year-over-year audience fell by a bit more than 1 million during the second quarter.

Last week’s showing appears to be to a slight pickup over the previous week, but it may have been much worse.

Here, per Media Bistro, is how the the week of June 28 as reported by Nielsen compared to the week of June 21, the last reporting week of the aforementioned dismal quarter:

June 21 — NBC – 7,190,000; ABC – 6,740,000; CBS – 5,230,000; Total – 19,160,000.

June 28 — NBC – 7,800,000; ABC – 6,740,000; CBS – 4,970,000; Total – 19,510,000.

So how did NBC attract over 600,000 additional viewers during the week of June 28, increasing its audience by over 8%? The answer, according to Media Bistro’s Kevin Allocca, is that the network probably didn’t:

On Thursday and Friday, “NBC Nightly News” was coded as “Nitely News” in the Nielsen ratings (similar to last summer) and the newscast was therefore excluded from the average over those two lower-rated days heading into the holiday weekend while Brian Williams was out. ABC and CBS averages are based on all five days.

Clever, eh?

In his coverage of last year’s NBC similar trick during the week of June 29 — a week where the reported combined audience was 20,180,000 — Media Bistro’s Chris Ariens observed that “The practice, however, is within Nielsen’s guidelines.”

Some “guidelines.” That’s like a baseball team getting away with excluding its worst two innings, or an NBA team unilaterally deciding that the second half didn’t count.

Given that one of its competitors lost ground week to week while the other just stayed even, it’s reasonable to believe that NBC’s June 28 full-week performance was no better than June 21. If so, the total audience at the Big Three networks really fell below 19 million.

Oh, how the formerly mighty in the statism-compliant establishment media have fallen, and continue to fall.

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DOJ to States: Let the Dead People Vote

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From John Fund in today’s Wall Street Journal (bold is mine):

J. Christian Adams,, a former career Justice Department lawyer who resigned recently to protest political interference in cases he worked on, made some news yesterday in testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

As expected, he claimed that Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, an Obama appointee, overruled a unanimous recommendation by six career Justice attorneys for continued prosecution of members of the New Black Panther Party on charges of voter intimidation in an incident I detailed here yesterday. But Mr. Adams leveled an even more explosive charge beyond the Panther case. He testified that last year Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes made a jaw-dropping announcement to attorneys in Justice’s Voting Rights section. She said she would not support any enforcement of a key section of the federal “Motor Voter” law — Section 8, which requires states to periodically purge their voter rolls of dead people, felons, illegal voters and those who have moved out of state.

According to Mr. Adams, Justice lawyers were told by Ms. Fernandes: “We’re not interested in those kind of cases. What do they have to do with helping increase minority access and turnout? We want to increase access to the ballot, not limit it.”

If true, Ms. Fernandes was endorsing a policy of ignoring federal law and encouraging potential voter fraud. Ms. Fernandes was unavailable for comment yesterday, but the Justice Department has issued a statement accusing Mr. Adams of “distorting facts” in general and having a political agenda.

… there is some evidence backing up Mr. Adams. Last year, Justice abandoned a case it had pursued for three years against Missouri for failing to clean up its rolls. When filed in 2005, one-third of Missouri counties had more registered voters than voting-age residents. What’s more, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat who this year is her party’s candidate for a vacant U.S. Senate seat, contended that her office had no obligation to ensure individual counties were complying with the federal law mandating a cleanup of their voter rolls.

… The more this story develops, the more it appears Justice is engaged in a massive coverup of its politicization of voting rights cases.

The travesty of early voting only increases the potential for fraud.

Positivity: Man honored for selflessness

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From Godfrey, Illinois:

July 07, 2010 7:01 PM

The Village Board of Trustees honored hero Anthony “Tony” Sparks for his bravery and selflessness in jumping into the Mississippi River and saving a woman’s life.

Mayor Mike McCormick choked up when he read aloud a proclamation praising Sparks at Tuesday night’s regular Village Board meeting. Sparks, 26, witnessed Barbara Nowack, 65, of Grafton lose control of her vehicle on the Great River Road (Illinois Route 100) near Clifton Terrace Road in Godfrey, causing Nowack to drive into the Mississippi River during high water June 27.

McCormick actually saw Sparks as he pulled Nowack from the swollen Mississippi River after McCormick turned onto the Great River Road from Clifton Terrace Road between 9:45 and 10 p.m. that Sunday.

“When I got parallel with (the scene), the car was partially submerged,” McCormick recalled. “By the time I stopped and pulled over, he already had her pulled up on the shore.”

Sparks stood modestly, head bowed with his hands folded in front of him, facing the mayor as he read the proclamation for Sparks. Those assembled and all present village officials gave Sparks a standing ovation after the presentation.

“No doubt, he saved her life, because she wouldn’t have been able to get out of there without his help,” McCormick said during the board meeting.

… Sparks and his girlfriend, Amanda Moxey of Alton, were driving the Great River Road toward Grafton about 9:40 p.m. Sunday, June 27, hoping to get a nighttime photo of the flooding on the river. About 300 feet east of Clifton Terrace Road, they saw rocks and logs that had spilled onto the road from the nearby bluff, washed out by a torrential rainstorm that had just passed through.

Sparks said he was circling back to pull some of the debris out of the road when he saw the approaching, westbound 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible driven by Nowack. He watched as the vehicle struck the debris, blew a tire and caromed across the eastbound lanes and into the river.

“It was crazy – like watching a movie,” he recalled to The Telegraph the following morning, June 28.