July 22, 2010

Santa Is Coming to Town … Hall!

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http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx40/mmatters/RomneySigningRomneyCare… with a big bag of detailed, analytical & critical truth about the train wreck that is RomneyCare.

Why it’s Christmas in July!

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are NOT going to be happy that their boy-toy (Sean’s man-crush) has been criticized in this forum.

Kudos to Michael Cannon, CATO’s healthcare policy scholar. He and senior fellow Michael D. Tanner have been banging this drum for years.

The piece is also cross-posted at CATO@Liberty.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
RomneyCare Advocates: We Swear, This Time Centralized Planning Will Work
Posted by : Townhall.com Staff at 4:16 PM
Guest blog post by Michael Cannon

You know things aren’t going well in Massachusetts when supporters of RomneyCare write “there’s some evidence that the reforms signed into law by Mitt Romney in 2006 are struggling.” That’s how The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein puts it in a post defending RomneyCare. The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn offers a similar defense.

Klein mentions only a few of the difficulties confronting Massachusetts. Here are a few more:

The Commonwealth Fund reports that even though Massachusetts already had the highest health insurance premiums in the nation, premiums rose faster post-RomneyCare than anywhere else; 21-46 percent faster than the national average.

A recent study estimates that RomneyCare has so far increased employer-sponsored health-insurance premiums by an average of 6 percent.

…Contrary to Klein’s post hoc spin that RomneyCare “was never an attempt to control costs,” Romney himself promised that “the costs of health care will be reduced.”

…Evidence is mounting that, despite stiffer penalties than ObamaCare will impose, increasing numbers of people are gaming the individual mandate by only purchasing health insurance when they need medical care. Such behavior could ultimately cause the “private” insurance market to collapse.

…RomneyCare and its progeny ObamaCare are attempts by the Left’s central planners to clean up their own mess. If Klein and Cohn want to defend those laws, pointing to the damage already caused by their economic policies won’t do the trick. They need to explain why government price & exchange controls, mandates, and subsidies will produce something other than what they have always produced.

Please read the entire piece here. Cannon explains that despite the rationalizations of RomneyCare (no pun intended), it merely tweaked – and made worse – a system that needed a complete overhaul. More band aids on gaping wounds…by a Republican no less, and no one but CATO has had the brass to call him out.

I’ll say it until every last deceived Romniac hears me, and there are good people who continue to be fooled by his slick, polished appearance; if Objectively Unfit Mitt Romney is your answer, then you’re still asking the wrong questions.


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