September 10, 2010

Dems in Peril, Ted and Malice (With Partial Transcript, Tea Party Response)

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I’m posting this now (direct YouTube); I’ll try to transcribe it later, if I can bear it (see below for most of it).

But it may be that watching with the sound off will give you the best idea of how truly unhinged this Labor Day rant at the AFL-CIO’s Coney Island picnic was:

Partial Transcript (unfortunately not complete because of weak audio and strident delivery):

The Republican Party has been overtaken by the zealots, by the extremists, by the radicals, by the _____, and they don’t seem to like Ohio very much, and quite frankly, they act as if they don’t like America very much.

They want to change our Constitution, they want to change Medicare, they want to change ___, they want to change this country …. and we say to them, “Hell no, we won’t …”

And so I ask you: Are you read to fight …. against the extremists? Are you ready to fight the Tea Party radicals? … Are you ready to fight John Kasich?

… What we are fighting against is Wall Street greed that brought our economy to the brink of total disaster.

… They like to say that in Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs. What they don’t say is that America lost 8-1/2 million jobs. And why did those jobs leave our people and our country? It was not because of Ohio, it was not because of the men and women standing on this platform with me. It was not because of organized labor. It was not because of Ted Strickland. It was because of Wall Street greed!

… They want to take the culture of Wall Street, they want to take the greed of Wall Street, they want to take the leadership of Wall Street, and take over this country, and we say, “Hell no!” …

Tea Partier Chris Littleton has responded, as carried at RightOhio:

Dear Fellow Citizens and Taxpayers,

There really aren’t any words that describe this video. It’s simply what Governor Strickland thinks of you and me.

He asks the crowd a very simple question – “Are you ready to fight the tea party radicals?”
And just for Governor Strickland’s pleasure, let me outline those “radical” beliefs of the tea party.

1. Limited Government: we think the bigger the government the smaller the citizen. We advocate for less government in our lives and therefore more personal liberty.
We believe the current direction at all levels of government is expanding government’s scope and influence not lessening it.

We also believe both parties are to blame for expanding government in Ohio and elsewhere.

2. Fiscal Responsibility: we think the government should spend less than it takes in. We believe that working Americans and small business owners in every inch of the United States understand this because we live it every day in our personal lives.

We believe the only people that don’t get this are government officials and bureaucrats.

Example (just for governor Strickland): when faced with a budget crisis (AKA more bills than money – had to explain it for Strickland), you can’t expand programs or take money from the federal government just to patch the hole. You must cut spending.

We believe that citizens do this in our personal lives – why can’t government?

3. Free Markets – we believe the government should not be driving the economy – the entrepreneur should. The less tax and regulatory burden placed on business owners, the more wealth and jobs that will be created.

Since Ohio ranks at the bottom of the list in practically every ranking for a business-friendly state, I’m pretty sure neither party for the last 20 years gets this either.

But, our people get it. They say – “Government I don’t need anything from you. I just need to be left alone for my business to succeed. Get out of my hair.”

So Governor Strickland – how are these key principles so radical?

I would consider these American values, but if you want to declare war on the American value system. Who am I to stand in your way.

I wish you the best of luck in declaring war on people who believe in personal responsibility, hard work and strength of character. But, if that’s your belief system…well…I guess we weren’t raised the same way, and thank God for that.

Best of luck to you in the upcoming election. I guess only time will tell how many of us embrace these “radical” ideas and are happy to denounce you.

OPEN INVITATION: If you’d like to sit down with me and discuss my radical value system – open invitation. Happy to chat anytime.

Nice job, Chris.


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