October 2, 2010

Squirrel! Desperate Dems Accuse Josh Mandel Of Racism

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Ah yes, the phantom character from the movie “Up,” who so effortlessly found a place in our vernacular. Say it with me again, just for fun…“SQUIRREL!”

An informal logic equivalent would be “Red Herring!” and a desperate, Democrat, political equivalent would be “Racist!” which is the [most recent] allegation of Ohio Dems & [appointed] incumbent State Treasurer Kevin Boyce against his challenger and rock-star of the Ohio House, Rep. Josh Mandel, whose most recent ad nails Boyce on his cronyism.

If you can stand it, The Plain Dealer has more, but the main points are:

Republican state treasurer candidate Josh Mandel’s new TV ad is laced with “subtle bigotry” and plays off religious stereotypes, the Ohio Democratic Party charged today.

Mandel, a state representative from Lyndhurst who is challenging Democratic incumbent Kevin Boyce this November, began airing a TV ad today that criticizes Boyce for circumstances surrounding a trio of banking contracts his office recently awarded.

…The controversy surrounding the contracts was heightened because the bank, State Street Corp., hired Noure Alo, a friend of Boyce’s top deputy, as a lobbyist shortly after the bank turned in its bids.

And Boyce hired the lobbyist’s wife to be an office assistant about a month earlier. Boyce’s deputy, Amer Ahmad, told The Plain Dealer he announced the office assistant’s job opening at his Columbus-area mosque to encourage people to apply.

…Joe Aquilino, Mandel’s political director, said the ad, titled “Boyce Corruption,” aims to inform voters of the cronyism and pay-to-play atmosphere that has endangered the state’s tax dollars at the Treasury under Boyce.

We have chronicled the many dysfunctions of our soon-to-be ex-Treasurer here at BizzyBlog. In fact, they may have very well been the inspiration for Redfern’s recent rant. You can find a great summary and meet the real FOKkers (Friends of Kevin) at this post from July.

For those who may not have been paying close attention to this race, you should know that it is every bit as important as the others, namely because we have an opportunity to replace a political crony with a strong, proven LEADER. Proven in his service to this country’ proven in his committment and proven with his word and actually doing what he says he is going to do. No other statewide candidate – in either party – can claim all 3 of those attributes, period.

I have no doubt that:

  • Josh will restore integrity and fiscal discipline to the Treasurer’s Office by instituting a top-to-bottom review of all programs and personnel.
  • Josh, as he has done in the past, will continue to protect our hard-earned tax dollars and has the intellectual horsepower to implement a plan that most effectively maximizes the rate of return on state treasury investments.
  • And last but not least: No one, and I mean no one will out-work Josh Mandel.

More of that please.

Here the vid:

DNC $1 Mil Fundraiser Held at Former ABC Reporter’s Home

LindaDouglass1010The arrangement described here is so journalistically incestuous I was considering hanging an NC-17 (or worse) rating on this post.

You see, the husband of a former longtime ABC reporter held a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the couple’s home Thursday night at which President Barack Obama appeared for 15 minutes. The reporter’s husband was on the Obama campaign’s national finance committee and now is the chairman of a White House commission. As if it really matters, the former ABC reporter, Linda Douglass, who left to work for Obama’s presidential campaign and who then joined his administration for 18 months until landing a media management gig at the Atlantic, says she was “not involved” in the event.

Keach Hagey at the Politico took a bit longer to describe things, accompanied by what I think was supposed to be a flattering picture of Ms. Douglass (seen above, but cropped for this post):

Linda Douglass explains DNC fundraiser

A D.C. power couple with close ties to the Obama White House hosted a fundraising dinner Thursday night for the Democratic National Committee at their DuPont Circle home.

President Barack Obama dropped by, spoke for 15 minutes “standing in a doorway between two dining/living areas set with dinner tables, to make eye contact with either side,” according to the White House pool report, and then went back off into the stormy night. The event was supposed to raise $1 million for Democrats.

No news there, except that one of half of the couple, Linda Douglass, a former network reporter who worked in the Obama campaign and the Obama White House, is now the vice president for strategic communications at Atlantic Media, which owns a host of publications that cover politics, including The Atlantic, National Journal and Government Executive.

Douglass told POLITICO that because of this connection, she regrets that it was not made clear that the fundraiser was entirely organized by her husband, John Phillips, who was on the Obama campaign’s national finance committee and is currently the chairman of the White House Fellows Commission.

… Douglass emphasized that her current job is on Atlantic Media’s business side, separate from the management of its magazines.

“I don’t make editorial decisions,” she said Friday. “But that said, I should have made it much clearer in every possible way that this was my husband’s event, not mine.”

Douglass said Atlantic Media does not yet have a policy on the political involvement of its employees.

… During the event, Phillips introduced Obama, saying, “I can remember walking down those snowy streets of Des Moines in the primary…We sleep so much better knowing that you are our president at this difficult time,” according to the pool report.

He (Obama) also thanked Phillips for still talking to him after he took Douglass on the campaign and into the administration for 18 months.

I don’t know why Douglass thinks that Atlantic Media doesn’t have a policy on employee political involvement.

(I’m kidding on the following, in case anyone doesn’t get it) I could swear I’ve seen it in fine print somewhere in the masthead of one of its publications, or perhaps in the agate type below the circulation figures somewhere. It reads as follows: “We will help Democrats, liberals, and leftists whenever we can, and wherever we can.”

Or maybe I saw it at the Columbia School of Journalism.

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Positivity: Kohl’s Opens 21 Stores, Adds 4,000 Jobs

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From Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin:

Kohl’s Department Stores opened 21 new stores nationwide Wednesday, creating 3,000 jobs across 15 states from California to New York this fall.

The company also opened a new customer service and operations center in San Antonio, TX, which recently hired some 200 associates and is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs over the next three years.

The firm has opened a total of 30 new stores in this year. It now operates 1,089 stores in 49 states.

“We’re pleased to be in a position to create more than 4,000 jobs as Kohl’s continues to build market share in a challenging economy,” Kevin Mansell, Kohl’s chairman, president and CEO, said in a statement.

“We continue to bring customers new stores where they can enjoy Kohl’s great brands and values. We have invested in remodeling 85 stores or 66 percent more than last year to keep customer experience fresh and exciting,” he added.

The rest of the new stores are in Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Go here for the rest of the story.

A nicely done history of the company is at its web site here.