October 20, 2010

‘The 2100 Trust’ Wants to Buy the Boston Globe. Who Are They?

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So “The 2100 Trust” wants to buy the Boston Globe. The Globe’s parent company, The New York Times, yanked it off the market six months ago after not getting what it considered a decent offer and supposedly “after determining that its finances had stabilized.”

Uh, I don’t think so, from the Wall Street Journal:

Revenue in the group that includes the Globe declined 6.2% to $102.8 million in the third quarter, Times Co. reported Tuesday.

The Times Company has not acknowledged contact, if any has occurred.

According to many reports, the Globe was losing $1 million per week before the Times demanded concessions that amounted to $20 million (WSJ’s figure) from the Globe’s unions. Obviously, if revenues are still falling, the math here isn’t working.

So who is Aaron Kushner, “Mission-Driven Entrepreneur” — and where is his “2100 Trust” getting the money to “to make a ‘significant long-term investment’ in the newspaper”? Possibly personal funds, but it doesn’t seem likely, or at least it wouldn’t seem to be 100% of the answer.

An Aaron Kushner, who very likely is the same person (link is to the address of his company Marian Heath Greeting Cards), is described in this very rough Google translation of a French report about U.S.-Israel relations as an Obama fan, and gave $2,300 to Obama’s 2008 campaign (after giving another $1,000 to Joe Biden when he was still running):

Aaron Kushner, a young man from Boston, rather a supporter of Barack Obama is sorry for the misunderstanding: “Nobody doubts that Obama is tied to Israel and to peace. But it is a methodological problem. This is not good to put a wedge in relations between Israel and the United States. The Arab world believes that there is a gap between the allies.’s because they do not understand what it means to have the freedom of expression. But it reinforces an impression of weakness.”

If the name of “The 2100 Trust” refers to calendar year 2100 — and I emphasize the word “if” — there may be reason to believe that it has a connection with this:

I think I recognize the guy whose narrative appears at the end, with a brief view of him. Does anyone else?

I would not bet against this guy, who just threw $1 million at Media Matters, being directly or indirectly financially involved with a Globe bid.


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