November 10, 2010

Underappreciated: How Thoroughly Fox News Trounced CNN, MSNBC on Election Night

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The politicians who received more votes than their opponents weren’t the only winners on Election Night.

Fox News’s dominance on Election Night was overwhelming. If the competition between Fox, CNN, and MSNBC had been instead been an electoral contest, they would have called it 30 seconds after the polls closed.

The graphic that follows illustrates just how big Fox’s gains were in 2010 compared to 2006, after a mediocre 2006 compared to 2002:


(Sources: Media Bistro — 2010, 2006)

Fox had over 60% of the total cable news Election Night audience, and not far from 60% of the 25-54 demographic. CNN’s audience share dropped almost 16 percentage points (over 13 points in the 25-54 demo), while MSNBC’s share dropped by over 7 points (9.5 points in the demo).

It looks like lots of viewers preferred their election coverage fair and balanced. After some of the Election Night shenanigans reported at NewsBusters relating to MSNBC, I can’t say I blame them.

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Positivity: Air Force Leaders Send Veterans Day Message

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From Washington:

Posted 11/10/2010

Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy send the following Veterans Day message:

In 1918, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the belligerent parties of World War I ceased hostilities after years of brutal armed conflict. Two decades later, Nov. 11 became a legal federal holiday — Armistice Day — commemorating this 1918 event that was “to end all wars.” This would not come to pass, however, and in the aftermath of World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day was rightly re-designated “Veterans Day.”

Today, nearly a century later, Nov. 11 endures as the date for our nation to honor veterans of all wars. Patriotic Americans of every generation, including the more than 24 million living veterans, have endured the toil of war to defeat aggression, restore order and secure liberty and opportunity, the birthright of every American. We solemnly pay tribute especially to our servicemembers who gave their last full measure for freedom, and to those who remain missing in action. Their sacrifices have rendered and preserved that which we cherish most. Our humble repayment to them and their families begins with ensuring that they and their stories of valor remain always in our national consciousness.

This Veterans Day, we express sincere gratitude to our servicemembers, and profound appreciation for selfless families who, through their unflagging support for their loved ones who wear the cloth of the United States, also sacrifice for our country. Through their selflessness, our military members and families uphold our nation’s ideals, and honor the sacrifice of those who came before. We, as a nation, thank them all.

A humble and hearty thanks to all who have served, are currently serving, or who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Avoiding the Abyss’) Announces the National Economic Rescue Initiative

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It’s here. The National Economic Rescue Initiative (NERI) home page is here (core URL is here).

The column will go up here at BizzyBlog on Thursday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

I’m grateful that the PJ Institute has involved me in this project. It’s fired up and ready with its primary items; other developments and improvements will appear over the next several months.


UPDATE: From PRNewswire, carried at Forbes —

App Models Future Tax Increases Needed to Stabilize U.S. Debt

The PJ Institute(TM), the research and education arm of Pajamas Media, today launched its National Economic Rescue Initiative, that projects the amount of additional taxes current and next generation American families may need to pay, over their working careers, to stabilize the U.S. debt. The initiative’s web-based app, the PFI Projector(TM), enables users to see a projection of future taxes their families may owe in order to keep the nation’s debt-to-GDP ratio under 90 percent.

The PFI (Personal Financial Impact) Projector also enables Americans to model federal spending cuts in two ways. First, this application provides its users with information on current government spending trends, and it lets them estimate the cuts they think the U.S. Congress should make to entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security), defense and other programs. Second, users of this app can model and formulate their own recommendations, sharing them with others at the National Economic Rescue Initiative’s website.

“The American Dream is being turned in a nightmare by uncontrolled federal spending leading to skyrocketing levels of federal debt,” said Laurence Kotlikoff, the project’s chief economist. “The PFI Projector is a marvelous educational tool that helps us gain a deeper understanding of our country’s deteriorating fiscal and economic condition. Millions of Americans are extremely concerned about the problem. But the official deficit and debt numbers as well as the unofficial future spending obligations are so large, it’s tough to grasp them, let alone relate them to one’s own finances. With the PFI Projector, Americans clearly see the direct connection between government spending levels and America’s impending insolvency. They also see that the failure to control federal spending will personally cost them and their children in terms of dramatically higher future tax rates.”

The PFI Projector is the first educational tool released by the PJ Institute as part of its National Economic Rescue Initiative. For individuals who want to understand the issues behind the nation’s spending, deficits and debt, the PFI Projector provides historical, current and future perspectives.

At its website, the PJ Institute also provides an interactive capability that enables users to submit their recommendations on federal spending changes to a virtual Solution Design Center. Here, individuals can see the spending recommendations submitted by everyday Americans as well as from professionals with backgrounds in business, economics, financial services and other related areas. These recommendations are categorized by federal spending programs and the economic and financial aptitude of the Solution Design Center’s users.

About the PFI Projector

The PFI Projector, a web-based application, was developed by economists Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, Thomas Saving of Texas A&M, and Edward Stringham of Fayetteville State University, working with IT developers at the California-based PJ Institute. Users of this app can plug themselves into its equations to see what their tab, or their children’s tab, could be if federal spending continues to spiral upward. Users can also model cuts to the spending levels of various government programs and see how that fiscal restraint could affect their future taxes. For each model the PFI Projector displays, it shows the assumptions being used and the reasons why future reality could turn out better or worse than the model.

About the National Economic Rescue Initiative

The flagship study of the PJ Institute is its National Economic Rescue Initiative (NERI). The American Dream, defined by the opportunity for Americans to create a better future for themselves and their children, is eroding fast. The initiative’s aim is to empower Americans with information and education and provide them with a forum where they can develop solutions to rescue the American Dream for current and future generations.

About the PJ Institute

The PJ Institute, the research and education division of Pajamas Media, provides practical, in-depth analysis of policies that impact the American people. PJI offers its research and commentary through web-based applications, text, video and podcast formats. PJI’s flagship study quantifies how Americans could be impacted financially in the coming years based on the U.S. government’s deficit spending and resulting national debt.

Lickety-Split Links (111010, Morning)

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From Monty Pelerin at American Thinker (“Bernanke’s Cowardice Has Sealed Our Fate”) –

Bernanke indicated that from 600 to 850 billion additional dollars would be created. To put this in perspective, the TARP package was in this range. The total Federal Reserve balance sheet was $829 billion at the end of 2004 and only $869 billion in August 2007. At the end of 2009, it had ballooned to over $2,200 billion. This announcement means it is headed to $3,000 billion (3 trillion).

… Mr. Bernanke was faced with two choices, neither of which were good. He could have refused to initiate another round of QE, which would have forced the government to make tough decisions. Such action might have put the economy into another Great Depression. He likely would have lost his job and been blamed for any economic difficulties that followed.

He chose the other option — provide the needed funds. As such, he chose to be the Enabler-in-Chief, reinforcing the out-of-control government fiscal policies.

In what would have been a true “Profiles in Courage” moment, George W. Bush could have stopped all of this before it started in September 2008. He didn’t.

In the past 60 days or so, Ben Bernanke could have stopped the collective lunacy. He didn’t. Now he’s part of it.


At the UK Daily Mail (HT Pamela Geller at American Thinker) — “Airports accused of keeping queues long so they can cash in on £5 fast-track lanes.”

Pamela’s sadly accurate reax: “It’s just the next stage of the West’s ongoing Operation Fetal Position.”


At Pajamas Media“Massive Voting Fraud Reported in Massachusetts.” Just read the whole thing. Representative government may be lost in the Cradle of Liberty.


Oklahoma’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.5% in September. That’s down from 6.7% in September 2009.

It’s been a bit more than three years since the Sooner State passed strict immigration enforcement legislation, known as “1804.” The state’s unemployment rate declined while the rest of the country’s was going up in 2008, and has stayed 3% or so below the national rate since then.

As I said six months ago: “If ’1804′ isn’t the reason Oklahoma has vastly outperformed most of the rest of the country, someone will have to try to explain what is” — and it’s not oil.

Positivity: Papal visit marks milestone in history of Spain

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From Barcelona:

Nov 9, 2010 / 02:53 pm

Mayor of Barcelona, Jorge Hereu, has remarked that Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain was a “landmark” event in the country’s history.

The Pope’s Nov. 6 – 7 visit to the country included the dedication of the Church of the Holy Family in Barcelona. The Pontiff also consecrated it as a minor basilica.

According to the EFE news agency, the mayor noted the necessity of continuing work on the new basilica, which he called “one of the great universal icons of Barcelona.”

He invited all Spaniards to visit the Basilica of the Holy Family. “Up until now we have only seen the Holy Family from the outside, but now we can discover its marvelous interior,” he added.

Go here for the rest of the story.