November 19, 2010

Not News: IPCC Economist’s Statement That ‘Climate Change’ Is Really About Wealth Redistribution

GlobalWarmingI owe Ottmar Edenhofer thanks for two things.

First, I am grateful that Edenhofer, a German economist who is “co-chair of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change,” has a last name on which searching is easy. I quickly determined that his name last name doesn’t currently come up in searches at the Associated Press’s main web site, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times.

That’s because he hasn’t said or done anything newsworthy, right? Wrong. What’s newsworthy is my second reason for thanking him. First covered at NewsBusters yesterday by Noel Sheppard, and described this evening in an Investors Business Daily editorial, Mr. Edenhofer has proffered the principal motivation behind the “climate change movement” — redistribution of wealth (bolds are mine):

The Climate Cash Cow

A high-ranking member of the U.N.’s Panel on Climate Change admits the group’s primary goal is the redistribution of wealth and not environmental protection or saving the Earth.

Money, they say, is the root of all evil. It’s also the motivating force behind what is left of the climate change movement after the devastating Climategate and IPCC scandals that saw the deliberate manipulation of scientific data to spur the world into taking draconian regulatory action.

Left for dead, global warm-mongers are busy planning their next move, which should occur at a climate conference in relatively balmy Cancun at month’s end. Certainly it should provide a more appropriate venue for discussing global warming than the site of the last failed climate conference — chilly Copenhagen.

Ottmar Edenhofer … told the Neue Zurcher Zeitung last week: “The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War.” After all, redistributing global wealth is no small matter.

Edenhofer let the environmental cat out of the bag when he said “climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth” and that “it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization.”

… Edenhofer claims “developed countries have basically expropriated the atmosphere of the world community” and so they must have their wealth expropriated and redistributed to the victims of their alleged crimes, the postage stamp countries of the world. He admits this “has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.”

It has everything to do with a different kind of green.

… Given this administration’s willingness to compromise American sovereignty, we could soon see Americans taxed to fund a global scam — the ultimate form of taxation without representation.

So science has been abused as a vehicle for justifying worldwide wealth redistribution. Gosh, that’s what many of us have been saying for years. That’s what the Climategate e-mails clearly demonstrated. It’s nice to see that Mr. Edenhofer from his position of influence at the IPCC agrees, and I thank him for his frankness.

Those who wish to brush up on their German can go to the original NZZ interview here. Google’s English translation of the article is here. The money quote, as translated, is “But one must say clearly that we distribute by climate policy de facto the world’s wealth.”

Regardless of whether they do anything with the story, it must not be easy being green at the news outlets mentioned in the second paragraph of this post, or anywhere else in the establishment press where they’ve been swallowing the human-caused global warning propaganda all these years. It shouldn’t be easy being a green collaborator either; someone should ask GE’s Jeff Inmelt what he makes of Edenhofer’s remark. In the pre-New Media days, all of these folks could have gotten away with ignoring mistakes like Edenhofer’s. Now they all just look like fools, as they watch their credibility continue to sink into the not-rising ocean.

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AP Story on Neb. Gang Arrests Takes the PC Route

Persistent pursuit of a story by journalists has in all too many cases been replaced by a dogged determination to keep politically incorrect facts out of important stories.

An Associated Press item out of Grand Island, Nebraska this morning illustrates this point. It’s not very difficult to identify aspects of the story reporter Josh Funk worked mightily to leave out (bolded items hinting at what’s not there and related number tags are mine):

Neb. gang raids yield 14 arrests, promises of more

A massive central Nebraska raid may have decapitated a violent gang, but officials say they have no plans to let up and allow the group to thrive again in the Plains manufacturing and retail hub of Grand Island.

The arrest of a dozen suspected gang members was trumpeted Thursday after 120 officers from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security [1] and local law enforcement agencies conducted simultaneous raids in the 50,000-resident city 125 miles west of Omaha. Two more arrests were made Thursday evening to complete the gang roundup.

Local officials welcomed the effort to rein in gang activity but law enforcement offered few details about their continuing investigation into the East Side Locos, which has ties to the international Surenos gang based in southern California [2]. Officials refused to discuss specifics of the gang’s activities and origins Thursday.

On Wednesday, an FBI SWAT team captured a 24-year-old Grand Island man indicted on 11 federal weapons charges and three federal drug charges. [3] Eleven more suspects were captured between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday as teams of officers served arrest warrants throughout the area. Two suspects that eluded capture in the morning raid were arrested Thursday evening after Grand Island police received a tip.

… Mike Feinberg, acting special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations within ICE [4],aid the East Side Locos is one of the largest criminal organizations Grand Island has ever seen and “one of the most violent criminal street organizations in Nebraska.”

Feinberg’s agents help track international aspects of gangs, and over the past two years Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have arrested 80 gang members, including some in Grand Island. [4] But Feinberg refused to detail the East Side Locos’ international ties or say how many of those 80 arrests were made in Grand Island.

On Wednesday, an FBI SWAT team captured a 24-year-old Grand Island man indicted on 11 federal weapons charges and three federal drug charges. Eleven more suspects were captured between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Thursday as teams of officers served arrest warrants throughout the area. Two suspects that eluded capture in the morning raid were arrested Thursday evening after Grand Island police received a tip.

… The 14 indicted men face a combination of federal weapons and drug charges or state drug and gang recruitment charges. They all lived in Grand Island and were either U.S. citizens or legal residents. [4]


  • [1] — So the FBI and Homeland Security were involved. This must relate to a domestic street gang in the lily-white heartland, right?
  • [2] — Oh, wait a minute, these guys had ties to an “international” gang. Gosh, I wonder what other “nation(s)” might be involved?
  • [3] — Funk seems to have singled out this “24-year-old Grand Island man” because he was considered a ringleader or the ringleader. He has a name, right? In a 750-word story, Mr. Funk somehow didn’t think we needed a to know it. Well, here’s a complete rundown of those arrested and two who were still at large at the time from local-area reporter Sara Geake, in descending order by age at “Gilbert Ontivernos, 33; Jose Hernandez, 32; Jose Espinoza, 31; Luis Cruz, 30; Herman Pacheco, 26; Joseph Pecor, 24; Eddy Cervantes, 24; Hugo Galaviz, 22; Anthony Holroyd, 20; Jose Alcorta, 20; Raymond Caseres, 18; and Ricky Amador, 18 were arrested between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Two fugitives remain – 18-year-old Adrian Casares and 22-year-old Andrew Esquitin.” Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Eastside Locos are (or maybe were) a H-H-H … Hispanic gang (per this link, they are), and perhaps even M-M-M … Mexican in origin (per this link, they aren’t, at least directly). The word “Hispanic” and no form of a word relating to “Mexico” can be found in either Funk’s or Geake’s stories. But Geake named names. Funk’s omission of the 24 year-old Cervantes’ name (he’s the only 24 year-old in the group) seems deliberately designed to avoid identifying the ethnic origins of the Eastside Locos and their parent gang in Southern California.
  • [4] — Hold on; ICE was involved? Why? That may be because, despite Funk’s last excerpted sentence, some gang members might be ill-ill-ill … illegal immigrants. While assuring us (How does he know? Shouldn’t there be a quote from someone?) that those arrested “were either U.S. citizens or legal residents,” Funk doesn’t tell us why ICE is even involved, or why its spokesman Feinberg is the guy getting lots of microphone and camera time. Funk also seems not to know and/or not to be curious about the immigration status of the “80 gang members” arrested by ICE (the “I” stands for “Immigration,” Mr. Funk) in the past two years.

As I stated at this post’s opening, it’s not about getting the facts, it’s about filtering them. The AP’s Funk has definitely done his “duty.”

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Lucid Links (111910, Morning)

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Two-tiered economy update:

Fewer new businesses are getting off the ground in the U.S., available data suggest, a development that could cloud the prospects for job growth and innovation.

In the early months of the economic recovery, start-ups of job-creating companies have failed to keep pace with closings, and even those concerns that do get launched are hiring less than in the past. The number of companies with at least one employee fell by 100,000, or 2%, in the year that ended March 31, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

That was the second worst performance in 18 years, the worst being the 3.4% drop in the previous year.

The POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy continues to break all kinds of records, doesn’t it?

Of course, big existing businesses don’t mind the lack of new competition too much. And they’ve got the accountants, lawyers, and political influence to navigate at least some of the problems posed by this “It’s the Uncertainty, Stupid” economy. Start-ups and little guys? Not so much. That’s why fewer are trying.

There’s more; those who are trying aren’t hiring:

Research shows that new businesses are the most important source of jobs and a key driver of the innovation and productivity gains that raise long-term living standards. Without them there would be no net job growth at all, say economists John Haltiwanger of the University of Maryland and Ron Jarmin and Javier Miranda of the Census Bureau.

“Historically, it’s the young, small businesses that take off that add lots of jobs,” says Mr. Haltiwanger. “That process isn’t working very well now.”

… Some entrepreneurs say it’s not all about financing, though. They express concern about taxes, health-care costs and the impact that wrangling in Washington over the federal budget deficit will have on them. “I can’t determine what the cost of providing health care for employees would be,” says Kevin Berman, 47, who is starting a local-produce company in Orion Township, Mich., called Harvest Michigan. Starting a company “is harder than it was at any time I can remember.”

Unless and until ObamaCare goes away, it’s hard to imagine this changing. Making the tax system we’ve had for the past eight years (2003-2010) permanent and preventing President Obama’s passively induced tax increases scheduled for January 1, 2011 from taking effect would also be immensely helpful.

The people at the Bureau of Labor Statistics who run the Birth/Death Model, which claims that 921,000 net jobs have been created by start-up and tiny businesses flying under the radar since February, need to start incorporating, so to speak, what’s really going on into account. If you go to the link, you’ll note that BLS shows more Birth/Death jobs created in every month from April through October of this year compared to the same months in 2009. Given what’s really going on, I think the correct response would be: “You cannot be serious.”


Rahm Emanuel does not meet the legal residency requirements to run for Mayor of Chicago.*

That is not arguable, because “a candidate must live in the city for one year before election.” Emanuel hasn’t done so.

Chicago Trib columnist John Kass reported earlier this week that Emanuel has been purged from the voter rolls using ordinary administrative procedures twice in the past 13 months, only to be stealthily reinstated each time.

If Emanuel is allowed to run, it will be because he has been anointed as a person who is above the law. He’ll be the figurative Leona Helmsley of Windy City politics. Helmsley allegedly (emphasis “allegedly”) said that “taxes are for the little people.” Rahmbo and his apparatchiks believe that the law only applies to the little people — and that statement doesn’t required an “allegedly” qualification.

* – Also known known as “Democratic Dictator for Life or Until I Get Tired of the Job”


Washington Examiner: “After (Ahmed Ghailani) terror trial fiasco, Holder should go”

Captain Ed Morrissey at Hot Air: “Time for Holder to Go”

Holder, one of the chief enablers of Elian Gonzalez’s Cuban kidnapping (that was the term Andrew Napalitano used in 2000), is the linchpin of the Department of (Democratic Party) Justice. Under Holder, it has become a rogue agency. Sadly, he’s not going anywhere.

Captain Ed elaborates:

The administration is left with three choices in regards to Ghailani: announce that they will release him at the appointed date whenever his sentence ends, announce that they will hold him indefinitely without regard to the court’s ruling on the matter while referring the case back to a military commission despite his acquittals, or refuse to state which they will do and hope the issue falls to the next administration. The first will mean that the US will knowingly release a master al-Qaeda terrorist with more than two hundred murders under his belt; the second will mean that the trial they staged was nothing but a sham. And the third will be a cowardly dodge.

This administration’s track record tends to lead you to Door Number 3.


Regarding Iran, as the Green Revolution was germinating in June 2009, Victor Davis Hanson wrote:

Does not Obama see that the world has been given a rare chance, thanks to brave Iranians—as if the German people had risen up in 1938 in fear of what was on the horizon?

Also in June, former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Aznar pleaded with the world, particularly the U.S.:

It would be a shame …. if our passivity gave carte blanche to a tyrannical regime to finish off the dissidents and persist with its revolutionary plans.

A year ago in October, the U.S. State Department pulled funding from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center.

In May of this year, Charles Krauthammer ripped the Obama administration for its passivity:

American acquiescence reached such a point that the president was late, hesitant and flaccid in expressing even rhetorical support for democracy demonstrators who were being brutally suppressed and whose call for regime change offered the potential for the most significant U.S. strategic advance in the region in 30 years.

This week, Michael Ledeen gave an update at Pajamas Media. His home page subheadline: “We still don’t hear any vigorous support for the democratic opposition from this administration.” In his post, Ledeen writes:

The regime knows it has failed to win the support of most Iranians, and like good totalitarians they are trying to recapture the culture and force it into a Shi’ite strait jacket before the people bring them to justice for their many crimes.

… We could have been the catalyst for revolution many times in the past years, especially the years after 9/11. But we chose to blind ourselves to the reality of an Islamic Republic that kills Americans with the same zeal it directs against its own people. The sanctions are at least a positive move, because they show the Iranian people that we are not totally supine. But the sanctions are not enough. We need to support the forces of revolution in Iran.

Someone should tell Bob Gates. And his colleague at State, Mrs. Clinton. And their president, who is totally absent from this gripping drama.

Better late than never, guys. Where are you? And where have you been?

Positivity: Life Prizes to honor six pro-life leaders and groups

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From Natick, Massachusetts:

Nov 19, 2010 / 06:02 am

The six winners of the Gerard Health Foundation’s annual Life Prizes have been announced. The awards honor leaders who uphold the sanctity of life through their work.

Raymond B. Ruddy, president of the Massachusetts-based Gerard Health Foundation, said the six winners have done some of the “most important work” of the pro-life movement and are an example to follow. The awards will be presented in a Washington, D.C. ceremony on Saturday, Jan 22, 2011, organizers say.

Awardee Dr. Alveda King is a board member of Georgia Right to Life who sees the pro-life movement as the heir to the civil rights work of her father, Rev. A.D. King, and her uncle, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She herself underwent two abortions but was deeply affected by an ultrasound of a child’s beating heart.

Ruddy praised her change of heart as “awe inspiring.”

“She is more than a contribution to pro-life efforts, she is a blessing and an encouragement. We are honored to know her as a fellow laborer for life and to present her with this award.”

King responded to the award with gratitude, saying:

“I had to look at death in abortion to appreciate the life of the unborn child, and my prayer is that Life Prizes will be a beacon to stir those across the nation to celebrate life and recognize the important battle we face to protect it.”

Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life of America, was another honoree. Since 2006, her organization has helped double the number of campus pro-life groups in the U.S. and has trained more than 5,000 student activists.

Hawkins said she was “humbled” to receive the award and praised the “trailblazers” of the pro-life movement. …

Go there for the rest of the story.