January 5, 2011

Lickety-Split Links (010511, Morning)

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I like the idea of a “Repeal Amendment” to the Constitution:

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, has introduced into Congress a very simple and clear amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Called the Repeal Amendment, it reads:

“Any provision of law or regulation of the United States may be repealed by the several states, and such repeal shall be effective when the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states approve resolutions for this purpose that particularly describe the same provision or provisions of law or regulation to be repealed.”

In short, the legislatures of two-thirds of the states can repeal any federal law or regulation.

I’d consider lowering the threshold to 60%, and add a two-year restraining order on enforcing a law or reg once 50% of the state legislatures vote for repeal. The law or reg would go back into place if the 60% threshold isn’t reached in that two-year time frame.

Randy Barnett notes that leftists fiercely oppose it, and correctly observes that their opposition is a sign that he’s on to something.


Department of “Just-Us Democrats and Leftists” Updates:


While on the subject of loony-left appointees, I’d say that any one of the Duke “Group of 88″ professors who preemptively judged the school’s lacrosse players guilty and have never apologized, as is the case with Obama appointee Cathy Davidson at the National Council on the Humanities, has DQ’d themselves from future federal service. Sans apology, nothing Davidson has to say deserves to carry any weight.

Bigger picture, Davidson ridicules American exceptionalism and instead subscribes to the historically laughable notion that the “colonialist” America and other nations only got rich by exploiting poor nations.

If Duke wants to pay her to spout this garbage in the classroom, that’s between the university, its brainwashed students, and ignorant parents who are at least partially sending their money down the toilet. Taxpayers? No way. If she stays, Congress should cut off the Endowment’s funding until she leaves.


Zero Hedge“GM Continues To Stuff Dealers With Its Cars” — Dealer inventories dropped 25,000 in December, but ended the year 33% higher than last December (511,000 vs. 385,000).

That’s the case, even though GM’s sales for the year per the Wall Street Journal’s detailed report were, contrary to its press release, only up by 7.2%. If GM dealers somehow beat 2010′s first quarter by 10%, they still have a supply of 88 days’ sales on hand. If they just match last year, it’s 97.

I should remind readers that yours truly was as far as I can tell the first to make the over-stuffing assertion just before GM’s IPO.


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