January 14, 2011

More Job-Killing, Courtesy of the Obama Administration

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From the Wall Street Journal:

The Environmental Protection Agency, in an unusual move, revoked a key permit for one of the largest proposed mountaintop-removal coal-mining projects in Appalachia, drawing cheers from environmentalists and protests from business groups worried their projects could be next.

The decision to revoke the permit for Arch Coal Inc.’s Spruce Mine No. 1 in West Virginia’s rural Logan County marks the first time the EPA has withdrawn a water permit for a mining project that had previously been issued.

It’s also only the second time in the 39-year history of the federal Clean Water Act that the agency has canceled a water permit for a project of any kind after it was issued, according to the agency. (Note: It looks like they’re even bragging about it.)

The EPA said Thursday it revoked the permit, issued by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2007, because it concluded new scientific research on mountaintop-removal mining since then indicated the potential harm to streams and watershed areas surrounding the Spruce project could be significant.

A spokeswoman for Arch said the company was “shocked and dismayed” by the agency’s decision, which it said would block an additional $250 million investment that would create 250 jobs. The company said it would appeal to the courts.

… As the EPA stressed that the permit decision had no implications beyond the Spruce mine, business groups outside the coal industry said the government’s action raised questions about whether permits previously issued for other businesses could also be revoked, potentially stranding investments and costing jobs even as the economy continues to heal.

This sends the message to businesses that they can never feel comfortable that their permits will be honored. As if we needed it, the administration has introduced even more regulatory uncertainty. Once again, we see the dictionary definition of “tyranny” (“arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority”) in action.

In addition to the concerns about stranded investments and lost jobs, there will be certainly projects that will not be undertaken because the government has demonstrated that it won’t keep its word. Jobs which could have been created won’t be.

As I said yesterday in my Pajamas Media column:

Sadly, it’s not just the failed Keynesian stimulus that has held back the economy and employment. Despite the president’s positive rhetoric, his administration demonstrates its resistance to steps that would improve the economy and create jobs on a nearly daily basis.

Another day, another example.


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