January 31, 2011

IBD: ‘Where’s Our Waiver?’

In a Friday editorial, Investors Business Daily mocks ObamaCare’s official name, and makes a number of very important points.

Here are the final six paragraphs:

It seems ObamaCare is neither affordable nor comprehensive.

The exemption list even includes 4 states — Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee — that collectively cover 2.1 million workers. As we’ve noted, corporations such as McDonald’s are also on the waiver list, saying ObamaCare makes their plans unworkable and unaffordable.

ObamaCare is in effect repealing itself, waiver by waiver. If it’s so great, the Senate should vote on its repeal without fear.

Defunding should commence, as should House hearings exposing this fraudulent power grab. By the way, these new waivers come a week after Republicans announced plans to investigate the earlier waivers granted to groups for health care reform provisions.

Question: If the provisions these entities are exempt from are a hardship, then isn’t the entire piece of legislation?

How about granting America a waiver?

I’d also like to know more about the 50 entities which attempted to get waivers and were turned down. Equal protection, anyone?

Those who don’t like my repeated references to the T-word are going to have to deal with it, because once again, we are seeing tyranny (“arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority”) exemplified in the waiver process.


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