February 3, 2011

Planned Parenthood, Pimps, and Underage Prostitutes: ‘To Be Continued’ Continues

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In reference to the sting discussed in this Tuesday post (“Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring”), a Daily Caller report carried at Yahoo! News had this yesterday:

Planned Parenthood fires employee caught engaging in nefarious behavior in undercover video

… Phyllis Kinsler, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey, said that she and her colleagues were appalled after viewing the video.

“We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape released this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” Kinsler said.

… Planned Parenthood has called Woodruff’s actions an isolated incident

Isolated, Schmisolated (Warning: obviously R-rated topic) —

LifeNews.com describes:

A second videotape has been released showing a Planned Parenthood abortion business covering up an alleged sex trafficking ring. The first tape showed staffers in New Jersey engaged in the coverup and this one features a clinic in Virginia.

The undercover investigation sponsored by the pro-life group Live Action features the same setup in this second video: a sex ring operator and one of his prostitutes visit the Richmond Planned Parenthood abortion center looking for information about how to obtain abortions for the minor girls they allegedly illegally brought to the United State.

The new Richmond video presents a similar scenario as the New Jersey video. A man posing as a pimp and accompanied by his “bottom girl” seek assistance for getting abortions, STD testing and birth control for girls they “manage” as sex workers, who are from out of the country and as young as 14 to 15 years old.

One again, the sting operation has Planned Parenthood officials willing to bend over backwards to get abortions for the victimized girls and, in this case, bragging about how they can undermine the judicial bypass provision in the Virginia parental notification law to get a judge to approve the secret abortions on the sex slaves.

SayAnything comments:

… Planned Parenthood and its apologists say their goal is to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare” but nothing could be further from the truth. Planned Parenthood profits mightily from abortions and seeks to do as many as possible. That’s why they support legislation that allows children to get abortions without telling their parents. That’s why they support legislation that allows children to be escorted across state lines to get an abortion.

That’s why their employees are willing to look the other way when an admitted pimp comes in to organize abortions for his underage hookers.

God bless Lila Rose.

It’s apparently not over, according to the video’s end:




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