February 8, 2011

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Huffington’s Heist’) Is Up

It’s here.

The subheadline:

Hundreds of millions, on the backs of free help. Imagine the outcry if a conservative site did that.

Special thanks to the editors at PJM for getting through the submission so quickly and putting it up within 12 nine hours of receiving it.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Thursday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


Update: Per Drudge in an exclusive, Arianna’s share of the booty is $18 million. Feb. 9, 8:15 a.m.: And $4 million a year as CEO.

Related: At CNS News, Brent Bozell asserts that “The Huffington Post, Bozell said, is not just a liberal publication — it is a purveyor of anti-conservative hate speech.” The Media Research Center has the details through 2007 (“Huffington’s House of Horrors”). NewsBusters has many items of more recent vintage.

Other weigh-ins:

  • Ed Morrissey has a great analysis at Hot Air, though his title (“Arianna planning “citizen journalism” expansion at AOL”) needs work. It should read “Arianna Planning Obama Reelection Effort at AOL.”
  • Daily Beast — “Huffington Post Readers Revolt Against AOL.” The Window title is “Why Huffington Post Readers Hate AOL.”
  • J.E. Dyer at Hot Air’s Green Room (“But Will HuffPo Play in Peoria?”) — “I think AOL has just laid another egg.” A big, stinking, rotten egg, I’d say.
  • The market’s weigh-in was another 1.42% loss in AOL stock today after a 3.4% hit yesterday. The major indices have risen by about 1% in the past two days.
  • (added Feb. 9) WaPo’s Dana Milbank (HT The Other McCain) — “Did Arianna Huffington just sell out her fellow progressives?”
  • (added Feb. 9) Cold Fury — “Keep slaving away, suckers!”
  • (added Feb. 9) Roger Simon at PJM — “She knows when to get out. Obama, and by extension progressivism, is fini. It is best left to fringey looneys like Code Pink. Put simply: progressivism is no longer good business.” Hope he’s right.
  • (added Feb. 9) Dave Weigel at Slate — “Arianna Huffington’s Deal Will Save the Progressive Movement.” Hope he’s wrong.


Previous related BizzyBlog posts:

  • Sept. 12, 2005 — HuffingtonPost: Arianna’s Pink-Collar Sweatshop?
  • Nov. 2, 2005 — “It Should Not Be This Easy to Illustrate Liberal Hypocrisy.” Relevant item: “At a recent eco-summit in (where else?) San Francisco, The Sierra Club had the lovely and gracious (NOT) Arianna Huffington picked up and driven around in an SUV.”
  • Nov. 24, 2006 — “A Hater from the Side That Claims a Monopoly on ‘Compassion’ Tells Us What He Prays for.” It describes an item carried at HuffPo where the author composed a prayer for Dick Cheney’s death via heart attack. It’s still there.
  • Sept. 5, 2008 — “‘McCain Didn’t Vet Palin’ Meme Has Serious Holes, Including a Likely Serious HuffPo Reporter’s Error (Update: A DEFINITE Error).” This was courtesy of Sam Stein, the HuffPo propagandist disguised as an investigative reporter. Stein claimed that John McCain couldn’t have vetted VP nominee Sarah Palin appropriately because no one ever visited Wasilla, Alaska’s local newspaper to review its archives, and, according to Sam, “The paper’s (massive) archives are not online.” Uh, yes they were, with over 900 items plainly visible to anyone with an Internet connection. In January 2010, I dedicated a portion of another post to Stein’s pathetic attempt to claim he was somehow still correct. If he’s one of those working for free, HuffPo is still overpaying him.

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