February 10, 2011

TIB Radio Preview: AG DeWine and the Federal Court Ruling Voiding Obamacare

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I had a chance to speak with the contact person in this January 31 press release from Mike DeWine’s office.

Unfortunately, she told me that she did not receive my voicemail message on Monday. That said, her response reaction (Feb. 11 clarification — to be clear not an official response, which she promised me she would get after I told her my phone number and e-mail address) to my inquiry about what Mr. DeWine would do to enforce Judge Vinson’s ruling voiding Obamacare was revealing. I will share that, and any other information that comes to my attention between now and tomorrow, with TIB Radio listeners on Friday evening’s broadcast.

In the meantime, if anyone from the AG’s office happens to stop by, they might consider listening to the following audio from “Liberty and Tyranny” and “Men in Black” author Mark Levin from the opening of his Tuesday, February 8 evening show (first 2:15 of YouTube audio after the show intro; full podcast available here):

This is Day 8 — Day 8 of the Obama administration’s contempt of a federal court ruling. And why no state has … challenged this yet, I don’t know. But they’re working furiously in the bureaucracy to institute a law that is now void. And by the way, the ignorance of the propagandist (Robert) Gibbs … saying, “Oh, we have two judges who’ve said it’s okay and two (others)” — it doesn’t work that way.

As I’ve explained repeatedly, it’s the judge who rules your actions unconstitutional who you have to listen to. That’s why they sent their lawyers into that courtroom to try and win that case, because they didn’t want to lose that case. Well they did lose the case. And it appears … that I am the only one in the country with a microphone who is stunned and disgusted by this and isn’t going to let it go.

So (it’s) Day 8 of the Obama administration’s contempt of court, contempt of the Constitution, and contempt of the American people.

So the question should be asked: “Why do we have to follow the law if he doesn’t?” Seriously.

Levin’s take on Day 3 of the ruling is at this previous BizzyBlog post.

He noted in that broadcast that:

… the states of Wisconsin and Florida, it appears, have decided that there’s no law for them to implement any longer. And they are in fact correct, since the last position of the law as it applies to Obamacare is that there is no law. And so the states should stop implementing this statute until there is a different ruling from a higher court. If the Obama administration wants to continue to violate the Constitution, to defy a federal judge, and play rope-a dope, then you states have no responsibility whatsoever to comply.

That’s exactly what Wisconsin’s AG is saying:

In a statement yesterday, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican opposed to the law and a participant in the Florida lawsuit, said he doesn’t believe the federal statute needs to be enforced following Vinson’s ruling.

“For Wisconsin, the federal health-care law is dead — unless and until it is revived by an appellate court,” Van Hollen said. “Wisconsin was relieved of any obligations or duties that were created under terms of the federal health-care law.”

Does Mike DeWine agree (or not), and if he does (or doesn’t), why hasn’t he said so?

And what is he going to do about the Obama administration’s open “implementation will continue” defiance of Judge Vinson’s ruling?

As the state’s chief law enforcement official, Mike DeWines owes Ohioans answers — oh, and he has NOT kept his core campaign promise (saved here in case of a take-down) to be “fighting for our rights and protecting every Ohioan” in this matter.

Mike DeWine is the one who said: “I will not sit on the sidelines.” As far as anyone in the Buckeye State can tell, that’s exactly what he and his office are doing.


UPDATE: As someone who “knows people,” Matt Hurley, one-half of the dynamic duo operating Weapons of Mass Discussion, the home base of the TIB Radio broadcasts, and who also posted on what I may start calling “the Silence of DeWine” on Monday, may be able to supplement what the relatively unconnected yours truly is able to learn.


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