March 2, 2011

On-Site Report From Columbus: ‘Infuriating’ Indeed, Complete With Kasich-as-Hitler Sign

Via an e-mailer, with identifying text scrubbed:

(Tuesday) I decided to go down to the statehouse and watch the public union thugs do their protesting. I did a lot of watching. I really wanted to ask some of the teachers there why they were not in school teaching but decided against it. All I have to say is that this was one of the most infuriating afternoons of my life.

I listened to a series of local union presidents spout their hatred toward the “rich” “wall street” and “CEOs”. They seemed to be saying that the reason that our state is in an $8 billion dollar hole is because we do not tax enough, especially when it comes to the “rich”. I did not know whether to laugh or cry at their complete and utter lack of knowledge of economics.

The most horrifying part of the day came when I saw a poster that had (Ohio Governor) John Kasich with a Hitler mustache. I have attached the pictures I took of the poster with my cell phone. What happened to “civility”?

On another note, I heard on the evening newscast, that the crowd at the statehouse was as large as 8000. Being there myself I can tell you that is completely bunk. I put the crowd at 2000, tops.

Here are the pics (click to enlarge and open in a new window):

Kasichitler1 Kasichitler3 Kasichitler4


Lest one think that this is one isolated, over-the-top outlier — Greta Van Susteren, in the course of interviewing Kasich a week ago, noted following (internal link added by me):

Brian Brennan, head of the Youngstown State University Association of Classified Employees, made an Adolf Hitler reference, and was quoted as saying, “In 1933, Hitler gave Germans something they always wanted — a day off on May 1. On May 2, they woke to find that Hitler had abolished the unions and confiscated their assets. Fast forward 2011, Ohio.”

This Google News search (“Kasich Hitler” not in quotes, sorted by date, from February 20-March 2) found only one other story citing Brennan’s Hitler reference. That local TV station story reports that:

Brennan was among several speakers including Sen. Capri Cafaro, Sen. Joe Schiavonni (sic), who planned the rally, and Rep. Bob Hagan who spoke against the bill.

There is no indication that Cafaro, Schiavonni, or Hagan had a problem with what Brennan said.

Cafaro, Schiavoni, and Hagan are Democratic legislators who have decades of experience between them. Cafaro is the State Senate Minority Leader, and is beginning her fifth year. Schiavonni“who planned the rally” — is the newbie of the bunch, and is in the third year of his Senate term. Hagan has held elective state office since 1987.

Again, there is no indication at the story that any of the three had a problem with what Brennan said, let alone raised any kind of objection.

No wonder the Columbus Kasich-as-Hitler signmaker felt so enabled. The signmaker has every reason to believe that his/her sign represents the mainstream of thought in Ohio’s Democratic Party.

As to crowd size estimating, the Columbus Dispatch, in a bid to seem scientific, “estimated” 8,500:


C’mon. If you’re guessing, you guess 8,000 or 9,000. If you’re taking dictation from rally organizers, you write 8,500. I say the Dispatch was taking dictation — and according to my e-mailer, inflating the crowd by the factor of more than 4.



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