March 11, 2011

Ann Althouse on the ‘New Civility’

As a lefty “philosopher” (HT Instapundit) fishes around for moral justifications for resorting to “acts of political violence,” Ann Althouse exposes the “New Civility” as a cynical leftist tact from the very start — and is totally correct:

It was always, obviously, a strategy to control conservatives (while liberals regrouped after the drubbing in the 2010 elections). Now that the Wisconsin protesters have gone so far beyond anything that could be attributed to Tea Partiers or to Sarah Palin maps-with-crosshairs, I suppose the MSM will act as if there never was a new civility movement at all. Suddenly, virulent dissent will be portrayed as noble.

Actually Ann, at least so far, they’re trying to pretend that the death threats (against legislators and their families; here and here), violence, atmosphere of intimidation, and “an unlawful invasion of (the) Wisconsin Capitol Building” either never existed and/or never happened. A search at the Associated Press’s main web site on “death threat” (not in quotes; “threat” in the singular forms detects uses of “threats”) comes back with one story relating to Wisconsin, and it only deals with “threats” of layoffs and a university prof early in March describing (figuratively, I presume) how the standoff was a “battle to the death.”


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