March 15, 2011

Overnight Engine-Starter: Guess How the AP’s Scott Bauer Answered His Own Question About Wis. Dems

You knew, based on his track record of biased and inaccurate reporting during the Badger state standoff that Scott Bauer’s Thursday attempt to explain the state’s situation and events occurring up to that point (“Key questions surrounding Wisconsin union fight”) wouldn’t exactly be fair and balanced.

But it’s Bauer’s answer to one of his own crafted questions that revealed as much as anything I’ve seen in the past few weeks about where he’s really been coming from.

The question is:

So when the Democrats come back to the Capitol, what’s to stop the Republicans from passing almost anything they want?”

What do you think Bauer’s answer was? The answer, and a link to the AP item, are after the jump. No fair Googling or search for an answer.

The answer is:


So I guess any time his side is about to lose, cutting and running is perfectly okey-dokey. Never mind oaths to uphold the law, legal requirements to attend meetings, and the vast majority of voters’ expectations that if you promise to attend legislative sessions (which is something inherent in running for office and asking for citizens’ votes). If it’s not going your way, you just leave. Great, Scott.

For at least the third time (two others I know of are here and here), Bauer gave readers who haven’t been following the situation closely the impression that all collective-bargaining rights were about to be vaporized, writing that:

The final version of the (GOP-passed) bill would:
- Remove collective bargaining rights for most public workers, including teachers, starting in July. Workers could no longer bargain over benefits, vacations and workplace safety.

That’s clever, Scott. Wages are still negotiable up to the rate of inflation, and wage increases above that can still be achieved if voters approve. Yes, Bauer got to this later, but this material will be left on the cutting-room floor at many AP-subscribing publications and in related radio and TV broadcasts, and I believe he knows it.

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