March 18, 2011

Lickety-Split Links (031811, Morning)

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Harry Reid doesn’t think we need to do anything about Social Security for 20 years (HT Steve at NRE).

As I noted last Friday, Charles Krauthammer negated this nonsense about a week ago.

Steve also points out that Reid may even be wrong on his 20-year claim. Thanks to the ongoing POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) Economy, Social Security’s actuaries have blown their near-term cash flow forecasts by $82 billion, with the system consistently paying out more in benefits than it is collecting in taxes right now. The full impact of this ongoing shortfall was not known when the system’s trustees issued their report last year, when they projected the need for a 25% across-the-board benefit reduction in 2037 if nothing is done. Steve thinks that the year of the draconian benefit cut is now more like 2029. That’s 18 years, Harry.

Beyond that, Harry missed the part of last year’s report where the Trustees said that the Disability Fund would be totally depleted by 2018. That’s only seven years, Harry.

This train wreck has been at the station for well over a year, and Reid’s walking around the debris as if there’s been no damage. The irresponsibility is breathtaking.


Even libs are having a hard time with our President engaging in bracketology in the current domestic and world circumstances. One of them freely admits the obvious — that if Bush 43 had done so in a similar situation, he “would have gotten more barbecued for this …. Anyone who thinks that he didn’t – he wouldn’t – is crazy.”


The person or people who issued this threat to serially stalk Ann Althouse and Meade in Madison need to be arrested and locked up.

This would be national news if done by a conservative or Republican person or group.


Huffington-heisted AOL stock closed at $18.54 yesterday — down $3.40, or 15.5%, from its $21.94 close on February 4, the last trading day before Arianna Huffington became the queen of AOL.

A week ago, the new, improved, HuffPo-energized AOL laid off 900 people (200 in the U.S., 700 in India) — “insiders said most of the (AOL news) sites have been gutted.”


Michael Ledeen at Pajamas Media“What Would a Desperate Wimp (President) Do?”

A wimp is a “a weak, ineffectual, timid person.”

Ledeen isn’t name-calling. He’s observing.


Speaking of reality-based labels, I’ve been meaning to share a couple of comments I found on a lefty web site earlier this month (the site won’t get any traffic from me, but if you need to see the originals, copy about ten words, paste them into a search engine, and you’ll find ‘em; both commenters are clearly active, consistent hardline libs; bolds are mine):

March 7th, 2011 at 2:35 pm
LOL…I now see Barry as a punk guy, who got offered power and took it. He’s workin’ for the other side of midnight…we got duped, and he has no shame or remorse at all. The other one another narcisstic liar and cheater….kchchkcht…spitooey…in their general direction..

March 7th, 2011 at 3:02 pm
That makes at least 2 of us seeing this guy as a punk.
He has no liberal core beliefs as he will compromise these in a heartbeat. He’s a reagan kid trying to gauge what suits his political interest , thus:
Ignore black constituency because they’ll vote for me regardless,
Toss the gays a few bones because there vote and money aren’t for sure,
Say a few nice words about unions but don’t get too passionate about it because a few independents might hate unions,
speaking of independents, better keep some of the bush stuff cause the indies may like it,
Suck up to corporations and the chamber of commerce because mucho moola is always a good thing.

Who said that far-lefties and sensible conservatives couldn’t find common ground? There is clear agreement that our president is a punk.



  1. What a bunch of rubes, liberals start realizing Obama is out for himself? Oh please, when are liberals going to realize that the Democrat party has been playing them for years on all their issues. The State of Maryland, a Democrat controlled state for years even this year refuses to make gay marriage legal. As I have told liberals for a long time, IF you believe in Socialism then vote Socialist Party because the Democrat Party is nothing more than a self serving, double dealing, organized crime syndicate.

    Comment by dscott — March 18, 2011 @ 9:51 am

  2. Interesting spin from the AP:

    Since when does a currency increase in value when the host country is experiencing issues? It makes no sense. It’s not that the Yen is increasing in value, it’s the Dollar that is DECREASING in value. Note the reason for the intervention. I think we are in far more trouble than is being let on or what we may believe.

    Comment by dscott — March 18, 2011 @ 10:07 am

  3. It’s too bad the lefties in the bottom story don’t realize that the problem isn’t the execution of liberalism, but liberalism itself. Liberalism HAS NO CORE VALUES to begin with. You can’t “compromise” what doesn’t exist.

    Plus, I sense an attempt to whitewash Obamas radical leftism by trying to imply that he really isn’t that liberal via claims of his “compromising” that ideology. Bullcrap. That crack about the unions is particularly egregious, the guy has viciously attacked anyone who says anything bad about unions and sent in his own flacks to prop them up in Wisconsin, so don’t tell me he isn’t dedicated to the causes of radical unionism.

    This guy has passed more socialistic regulations (including a government takeover of health care, which was something very beloved and desired by the left) in recent history than anybody so don’t blow smoke up my butt you two fellas and try and sell me on the idea that he is some kind of moderate. If he waffles on his radical left beliefs, it’s not because he isn’t a far leftie, it’s because he also happens to be a slimy calculating politician as well.

    Comment by zf — March 18, 2011 @ 9:26 pm

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