March 20, 2011

From the ‘Our Country’s In the Best of Hands’ Dept. (Also: President Discovers Iran)

At the Politico (HT Strata-Sphere):

Mullen: Mission isn’t about seeing Qadhafi go

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, in a series of Sunday morning television interviews, stressed that the U.S. military mission in Libya is “limited.”

But he also indicated that based on his orders from President Barack Obama, the mission can be considered “accomplished,” even while Moammar Qadhafi remains in power.

“That’s certainly, potentially, one outcome,” Mullen said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“Certainly, the goals of this campaign right now are limited, and it isn’t about seeing him go,” Mullen continued. “It’s about supporting the U.N. resolution, which talked about eliminating or limiting Qadhafi’s ability to harm his own people.”

O … M … G.


UPDATE: Way too little

Mar 20, 5:27 PM EDT

Obama: Iran’s government leading campaign of abuse

President Barack Obama says the Iranian government cares more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of its people.

Obama delivered that message in taped remarks to the Iranian people on Nowruz, the Persian new year. Obama says Iran has engaged in a two-year campaign of intimidation and abuse that shows fear on the part of the government, not strength.

Obama singled out the young people in Iran, saying they are the ones who can break that cycle and determine their country’s future.

almost two years too late.

UPDATE 2: Well, at least the Arab League is behind the Libyan effort … Oh, wait (Arab League retreat noted here ["volte-face"] — HTs Hot Air, Da Tech Guy, Instapundit).

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘David Sirota’s Surreptitious Anti-1980s Campaign’) Is Up

It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Tuesday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


More on Sirota: In January 2006, David Sirota was among the many lefty bloggers who, along with quite a few establishment press outlets, shamelessly went after President George W. Bush in the wake of the Sago, WV coal mine tragedy, where 12 miners were killed (11 of the 12 who were trapped, and another killed in the initial explosion). It was almost as if Bush himself sent down the lightning strike which caused 12 miners to be trapped, and all but one to die. (Finding a direct link to an authored post is proving difficult; Sirota and other lefties seem quite disinterested in retaining visible online records of what they’ve written in the past, but I digress).

I pointed out that mine safety metrics had steadily improved under Bush (deaths, injuries, etc.), after NOT steadily improving in Bill Clinton’s final years. Here is the graphic of coal mining deaths for the years leading up to the Sago disaster that I posted shortly after Sago occurred:


Here is what things have been like in the past four years:


The total of 48 coal mining deaths in 2010 (46+2 in the chart) was the highest annual number in 18 years, and happened during the first full year when the Obama administration had complete responsibility for and control of overseeing mine safety (President Bush’s last appointee stayed on until October 2009). Gosh, how did this not make news? (/sarc)

Is the 2010 deteroriation Barack Obama’s fault? Of course not.

Could it be the fault of a change in regulatory approach from cooperation-based to confrontation-based (the new director of the Mine Safety and Health Administration seems to have a strong confrontation-based mindset)? It’s too early to tell, but it doesn’t look good. If the numbers continue to stay bad, there will be reason to be concerned. Fortunately, 2011 thus far looks it might be much improved, though it’s hard to tell for sure because of time lags in reporting and updating.

I don’t think you’ll be seeing David Sirota launching into a screed on the awful numbers from 2010 any time soon.