April 4, 2011

Growth in Food Stamp Participation Won’t Stop

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From Zero Hedge:


The recession ended 21 months ago. The Food Stamp rolls have increased by about 8 million since then.

As I noted a year ago, this is about “Cliff-Diving Into Dependency,” or getting as many people as possible dependent on government benefits so they will more likely vote for Democrats against meanie Republicans trying to take those benefits away. Food Stamps, as seen here, are now available to people who clearly don’t need them, and to college students, regardless of how well-off their families are.

There is a second graph at ZH showing benefits dropping is incomplete, as it doesn’t go back sufficiently far. Benefit levels are way up over where they need to be:


As shown time and time and time again, benefits were already high enough to fund what the Department of Agriculture calls a “Thrifty Meal Plan” before they were increased.

And yet there are still “Food Stamp Challenge” events and campaigns (Google Web; Google News) insisting that benefit levels aren’t high enough.


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