April 29, 2011

John Kasich: ‘When He (Obama) Does His Job, Maybe He Can Have an Opinion’ on Ohio’s SB5

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From Tuesday, via the Associated Press (also carried nationally, as shown here, under the title “Obama strongly disapproves of public union limits”):

Obama slams SB5

President Barack Obama says he strongly disapproves of new laws restricting public employee unions in Ohio and Wisconsin and says states should not use the financial crisis as an excuse to erode bargaining rights.

He told Romona Robinson of Cleveland’s WKYC-TV in a White House interview yesterday that public employees should not be blamed for a financial crisis they had nothing to do with and that sacrifices should be shared in tough economic times.

Under Ohio’s new law, 350,000 public workers can negotiate wages and certain work conditions but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. Opponents hope to ask voters to overturn the measure.

… Obama tells Robinson whether it’s Wisconsin or what he’s seeing in Ohio, he strongly disapproves.

Wednesday, Kasich struck back (via Ohio Capital Blog):

Text of Kasich’s response to a question about Obama’s criticism (internal link is to a 2009 Associated Press report that reports the truth of the first sentence of Kasich’s response):

Well look, y’know, I was Chairman of the (U.S. House) Budget Committee and was the chief architect of the last time we balanced the budget.

And here in Ohio, we, we have balanced our budget here, under the budget that we have presented, along with preserving the tax cut.

The President of the United States has I think a $13 trillion debt. Why doesn’t he do his job? And when he does his job and gets our budget balanced and starts to prepare a future for our children, then maybe he can have an opinion on what’s going on in Ohio.

Exactly. Well said, John — and don’t back down.

Obama has no standing (of course he has the right, but he has no standing) to use his punk bully pulpit to rip Ohio’s Governor when he submitted a budget containing an anticipated fiscal 2011 deficit ($1.645 trillion) that is over 400 times the size of the Ohio deficit ($8 billion over two years, or $4 billion each year) Kasich and the General Assembly are attempting to wrestle to the ground after having it dumped on them by previous governor Ted Strickland. In fact, the biggest threat to Kasich’s success and the state’s fiscal solvency is that Washington’s deficits and Obama’s ruinous economic and energy policies will stall the modest recovery Kasich and the GA are counting on.

Somehow in this case, “Mind your own bleeping business” and “Fix your own bleeping problems” just aren’t strong enough.


UPDATE: Oh, and John, while you’re saving the state, try not to step on those far-left chihuahuas nipping at your heels; they might cry or something. They seem to have converted their BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) into a rip-roaring form of KDS (Kasich Derangement Syndrome). It’s quite an ugly sight.


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