May 7, 2011

Do Not Miss Zombie’s Latest: ‘SEIU drops mask, goes full commie’

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It’s here.

Go see the pictorial proof.

Why isn’t this in the news? How long would it take for far less problematic Tea Party posters and signs to make the news? (Answer: Milliseconds)

This is especially relevant given Barack Obama’s longtime association with and special affinity for SEIU, as seen in the following January 15, 2008 video:

Full Text (note the affected accent):

Barack Obama: “Everybody: There’s not a presidential candidate, a gubernatorial candidate, a congressional candidate, who won’t tell ya, that they’re pro-union, when they’re looking for their endorsements. They’ll all say, ‘Oh we love SEIU.’ But the question you gotta ask yourself is, do they have it in their gut, do they have a track record of standing alongside you on picket lines? Do they have a track record of going after the companies that aren’t letting you organize? Do they have a track record of voting the right way? But also helping you organize to build more and more power?

And some of you know I come from an organizing background, so — I’ve been working with the SEIU before I was elected to anything. When I was a community organizer, SEIU Local 880 and myself we organized people, to make sure that healthcare workers had basic rights; we organized voter registration drives, that’s how we built political power on the South Side of Chicago….and now the time has come for us to do it all across this country, and then we’ll paint the nation purple, with SEIU!

I would not be a United States Senator had it not been for the support of your brothers and sisters in Illinois. Those folks, they supported me early, they supported me often. I’ve got my purple windbreaker from my campaign in 2004.

And so, we’ve just got, what, four more days? Four more days of knocking on some doors. Four more days of working the precinct. Four more days of making sure all your co-workers are caucusing.

SEIU, I am glad you are with me, let’s together change the country! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU! SEIU!”

Graph of the Morning: Food Stamp Participation Skyrockets — After the Recession Ends

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When a recession ends and the economy begins to recover, you expect, after a brief delay, that fewer people to have to rely on government benefits like food stamps.

Not in the Obama economy:


Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard (for those who like color and cute stuff in their charts, this is his graph, not mine :–> ; also, the November 2009 label should say December 2009) is largely right when he points to the above graph as an indicator that what “recovery” has taken place isn’t touching the average person, and isn’t stopping society’s slipper slide into dependency.

But there’s another element to this which Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion flagged two years ago, namely that many people are receiving government benefits who would not be under reasonable standards. Specifically, Matt pointed to a credible report he received that a couple with $80,000 in the bank and a paid-off house was still able to qualify for food stamps. Why? Because the program gives states the “flexibility” to suspend program rules in times of economic hardship. In this case, the suspended rule meant that applicants’ assets apparently had no impact on their ability to receive food stamps. If you don’t find the idea that a couple can keep their considerable pile of money in the bank while sponging off the government for their daily bread and eating it in their paid-off house offensive, you may need to find another country.

I believe that Mr. Cost’s ultimate interpretation of the data (“If Our ‘Food Stamp Recovery’ Persists, Obama Will Lose Big”) is flawed. He hasn’t absorbed the fundamental truth that Barack Obama is trying to create another country, one with so many government dependents that he and his party can win elections merely by raising the possibility that the other guys are going to cut or take away their precious dependency benefits. It’s an open question as to whether we’ll be at that point of no return by November 2012.

Positivity: Bone marrow recipient says Facebook saved his life

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From Canada:

Posted: Apr 29, 2011 7:09 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 29, 2011 7:25 AM ET

Huw Williams says Facebook helped save his life.

Williams was at the Pearson International Airport arrivals gate Thursday evening waiting to meet British Columbia native Mike Hogman — the man whose bone marrow saved him from leukemia.

Hogman, 23, says he registered with OneMatch in 2009 when he saw a link to the stem cell registry on the popular social networking site.

“It was just kind of one of those things you do, kind of like when you sign up for organ donation… one of those things you do and you just don’t think about it,” he said.

There were hugs and smiles as the pair met for the first time at the Toronto airport. Williams’ sister’s eyes welled up with tears and threw her arms around Hogman as she thanked him for saving her brother’s life.

“It’s been an emotional journey to have your brother facing death and then to be saved by a wonderful person like Mike,” said Sian Williams. …

Go here for the rest of the story.