May 10, 2011

Lickety-Split Links (051011, Morning)

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I had the good fortune to be invited to attend the Media Research Center’s Dishonors Awards banquet (“Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporting”) in Washington on Saturday, and had a great time at the event. Intense thanks to the MRC and the folks at NewsBusters for the opportunity.

A rundown of those dishonored, a list of those who “accepted” the awards on their behalf, and video clips, are here and here.

Also noteworthy: Congrats to longtime columnist Cal Thomas for receiving the the 5th Annual William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence. As syndicated columnists, people like Thomas (beginning in the mid-1980s), Buckley (in the 1950s), James Kilpatrick (in the 1960s), George Will (in the 1970s), and a hearty band of not very many others served as the de facto alternative media for decades, noting important items in their columns that mainstream news outlets weren’t reporting.


From the “Gosh, Nobody Could Have Predicted This (/sarc)” Dept.: “Egypt: Situation Deteriorating Badly and Rapidly”


Dhimmis of the Week (more like the year) — “Comedy Central Continues to Censor ‘South Park.’”


At 5.2%, Metro Oklahoma City has the lowest unemployment rate of any city of 1 million-plus metro area in the nation. Did I tell you that OKC’s mayor is a Republican?

Unemployment fell in every one of Oklahoma’s 77 counties in March.


The Associated Press is relaying predictions that per-gallon gas prices will fall 50 cents “as early as June.” Did the AP predict so optimistically in late 2008, when gas prices fell from over $4 a gallon to under $2? I don’t think so.

In any event, Goldman Sachs is predicting they’ll head back up in 2012 “due to supply tightness.”


Drudge pointed last week out that for all the talk of not wanting to spike the football by releasing photos of a dead Osama bin Laden, this exercise sure looked like another form of spiking the football. He’s right.

Victor Davis Hanson, in “Thoughts on a Surreal Depression”:

These are strange and dangerous times. An insolvent federal government, an exporting China and India, and an almost complete indifference to federal immigration, tax, and regulatory laws have all combined to create a well-entitled but increasingly angry population, one “empowered” and made more, not less, bitter by the last two years of governance in Washington.

That’s what Team Obama wants, and explains why the administration has been furiously working to build the country’s population of dependents. Such people vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.


At the Right Scoop a week ago (HT Michelle Malkin):

Sunlight Foundation has done an extensive investigation of USASpending.Gov’s data and found 1.3 Trillion missing. They’ve submitted FOIA requests to the administration for this data six months ago, but as you might’ve been able to guess the administration is stonewalling.

They’re really talking about money that is “unaccounted for,” which isn’t the same thing as “missing” — until they admit that they can’t instead of won’t account for it. If the stonewalling doesn’t stop, and quickly, the presumption will move to “missing.”


Michelle Malkin“Schumer is not serious about rail security.” Chuck Schumer is not serious about anything unless and until it presents and opportunity to enhance his and/or his party’s power.


Better get it right, John, or you and your party will have lots of reasons for shedding tears, as shown here — “Gallup: For first time, majority of Republicans support third party.”


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  1. Well deserved MRC invite. Keep it up.

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