May 29, 2011

Bill Whittle: ‘Turncoat Nation’

In my Pajamas Media column today (“Herman Cain: Barack Obama Is Not a Patriot”), I essentially said that it’s debatable whether Barack Obama’s treatment of Israel since he has become president is an example of how he “has acted against the best interests of his country.” I believe he has, but allowed some room for disagreement in that one instance of 13 identified (11 by Rush Limbaugh, two more my me).

Bill Whittle believes there is no such room, and make powerful arguments during the course of his more comprehensive video, “Turncoat Nation” (HT Instapundit), wherein he argues that Barack Obama has acted as a turncoat, turning us by proxy, since a majority of those who voted elected him, into a nation of turncoats:

As you can see, Whittle leaves no room for entertaining the idea that Barack Obama might be a patriot, which places him in complete agreement with Herman Cain.


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