June 8, 2011

Ohio’s Budget on the Verge of Passage; Kasich Calls It ‘Historic’

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I tend to be a wait-and-see person on things like this. It’s not a done deal, as there are differences to work out between the House and Senate, but yes, it appears that the workout of differences will happen. Assuming it gets done, congrats are indeed in order.

The other wait-and-see is to watch how Ohio’s economy (continues to) mend, especially in comparison to other states and the rest of the nation.

Here’s the latest from the Columbus Dispatch:

Kasich praises “historic” budget

Gov. John Kasich said the GOP-controlled Ohio Senate’s likely approval today of a two-year, $55.7 billion budget is “historic,” although its version differs from the budget Kasich proposed and the bill the House passed last month.

“We will go to conference committee, but I don’t anticipate any major problems in there,” Kasich said following his address to those attending the American Institute of Architects Ohio Legislative Day at the Statehouse.

“We’re all on the same wavelength,” Kasich said. “There are some things that will have to be worked out, but nobody would’ve thought we were going to balance this budget, and cut taxes, and eliminate this structural deficit, and we are about to do it through the Senate today.”

Kasich likes what he sees, and wants Ohio to know that he likes it:

Kasich is entitled to few moments of crowing. But Ohio can do even more to control costs, and yours truly hopes to have a bit of influence on that in the coming months (sorry, I otherwise have to keep readers in suspense).

As I noted yesterday, those who are bent on repealing SB5 need to ask themselves if they want to go back to the painful economic contraction — the fifth-worst economic performance in the nation — that the Buckeye State experienced during the previous four years.


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