June 13, 2011

Greg’s Links (061311, Noontime)

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Okay, Doug “Larwyn’s Links” Ross, you’ve got some (lower volume) competition, which in the sensible conservative (redundant term) universe is a good thing.

El Presidente and the New Normal:

The Evolving Police State:

  • SFGate’s Politics Blog: “Food Safety Chief Defends Raw Milk Raids” (HT Dad29, whose post title is “FDA’s Power Grows Exponentially”)
  • New York Times: “F.B.I. Agents Get Leeway to Push Privacy Bounds” (HT Tom Maguire via Dad 29; Maguire notes that “The last lib would have leapt from a ledge if this were happening under Evil BushCo.”

Debt-Ceiling Dynamics:

  • At RedState: “Debt-Limit Surrender”
  • At Human Events: “Secret Negotiations on Debt Limit Increase” (HT Dad29: “Heard About the Debt-Limit Negotiations? I Didn’t Think So”)

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