June 22, 2011

Ohio in Top Four in 2011 Percentage Job Growth; Kasich v. Strickland Through Five Months Is A Rout

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With the usual caveats (it’s early, seasonal adjustments are quirky, data is subject to revision — and oh yeah, it’s early), here is the list of the top 12 seasonally adjusted job-adding states this year in  terms of percentage added to the workforce:


Well, well — Ohio is Number 4, trailing only oil-booming North Dakota, illegal immigration-reforming Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

Ohio’s seasonally adjusted 70,000 jobs added is the third-highest total in the U.S., trailing only Texas and California (whose 73,000 jobs added represent only a 0.52% increase in the workforce).

Through the first five months of Ted Strickland’s administration in 2007, while the economy in the entire country added 729,000 seasonally adjusted jobs and the nationwide unemployment rate averaged 4.5%, Ohio, which has over 3% of the nation’s population, gained a whopping 8,000 jobs, or just over 1% of the total jobs added. In the first five months of 2010, Ohio added 35,100 jobs, barely half of the current year total.

During May through December of 2010, with minor ups and downs, the Buckeye States lost 4,100 jobs. No one can credibly claim that the outgoing Strickland administration left Team Kasich any kind of momentum.

Thus far, Ohio under John Kasich v. Ohion under Ted Strickland is a rout. The real competition is Ohio vs. the rest of the country.

Why would Ohioans ever want to go back to what we endured during the previous decade?

Klavan and Whittle: ‘Tea Party = Salvation’

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“Like a thunderbolt out of nowhere” (HT Instapundit; some PG-13 content):

To learn more about Whittle’s reference to “The Foundation Trilogy,” go here.

Big Gov’s Taylor and King: Van Jones and His Group Organized 9/12/01 Anti-America Rally

PentagonWTCVanJonesAt Big Government yesterday, Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King compiled overwhelming evidence refuting one key element of a cease-and-desist letter sent to Fox News by lawyers for former Obama administration “green jobs” czar Van Jones. In doing so, they referenced and credited a video I posted in September 2009 of an anti-American rally in Oakland, California on September 12, 2001 where Jones spoke. They pair did a great job, and I appreciate the credit.

I would like to give Taylor’s and King’s work greater visibility, and extend it just a bit, especially because you can virtually bank on the fact that the establishment press won’t touch it — or if they do, they won’t accurately report it.


Memo to Bob Taft, Ted Strickland, and the Ohio GOP: Thanks for a Decade of Nothing (See Update: How Taft Was Worse Than Strickland)

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On Monday, USA Today compiled a list comparing the economic growth of the 50 states and DC during the past decade.

Two states shrunk up the place — Michigan (-7.1%) and Ohio:


This is a what a decade of blue-state governance will do (actually more, going back to George Voinovich c. 1995). I was heavily criticized in September 2008 when I wrote the following for the New York Post (BizzyBlog mirror):

Move on to Ohio … Though it went for Bush in 2004, state government has mostly acted blue since the mid-1990s, thanks to alleged GOP governors George Voinovich and Bob Taft. The Buckeye State moved from pseudo-red to largely blue in 2006, electing a Democratic governor, who has been aided and abetted by a mostly complacent GOP legislature.

The numbers don’t lie. To Bob Taft, Ted Strickland, and worst of all, the Ohio Republican Party (whose members completely controlled the legislature for the decade’s first eight years, and went the tax-and-spend route during virtually the entire time, and did nothing to prepare the state for hard times): Thanks for nothing.

More later, if time.


UPDATE: Showing that the Taft administration and the Republican-dominated General Assembly arguably performed worse than the Strickland administration during its six years of complete contol –


Ohio’s economic performance during the last six years under Bob Taft, who had a GOP-dominated General Assembly during his entire time in office, trailed the national average by 12.07 points over six years, a 2.01-point average.

Ohio’s economic performance during Ted Strickland’s gubernatorial reign trailed the national average by 5.0 points over four years, a 1.25-point average.

As bad as the Ohio’s economy was under Strickland (and it was really, really bad, with almost 400,000 job losses to boot), the its economy under Taft and the GOP-dominated General Assembly, when its growth is benchmarked against the rest of the country, was even worse.

Sort of shows why the Buckeye State needed “A New Way, A New Day,” doesn’t it?