June 27, 2011

Latest Pajamas Media Column (‘Ohio’s Lost Decade, and Its New Hope’) Is Up

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NoTaftNoStrickland0611kaisich_hope_thumbnail_6-24-11WeThePeopleLogoIt’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Wednesday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


Related: John Michael Spinelli at Examiner.com has an item whose headline (“Ohio loses 18K jobs in three month period, new BLS report shows”) appears to refute the reality that Ohio’s economy is ticking upwards so far this year. He claims to have evidence that John Kasich “is starting to get a taste of the sour economic pie Gov. Strickland was forced to eat for years.”

Spinelli needs to get out of the kitchen:

  • The “18K” is the sum of initial unemployment claims relating to “mass layoffs” of 50 or more employees during March, April, and May.
  • If he’s looking for a trend in the numbers, May’s 5,170 is over 50% lower than April’s 11,082, despite May being hugely affected by a serious spike in gas prices.
  • The reality is that there have been significantly fewer mass layoffs in 2011 thus far, with far less negative impact. In the first quarter, “The 64 mass layoffs in the period that ended March 31 involved 9,615 jobs, down from the loss of 16,231 jobs (relating to 90 mass layoffs) in the first quarter of 2010.” That’s a 41% reduction in related job losses. April and May 2011 went the wrong way compared to 2010 (16,252 vs. 11,923), but fell way short of negating the first quarter’s year-over-year improvement.

Far more important is what has occurred when looking at all job additions less all job losses: Ohio under Kasich has added 70,000 seasonally adjusted jobs this year, which is the best performance in terms of percentage of job additions of any industrial state, and the best January-May in Ohio since 1994.

Also related: The column notes that during Ohio’s lost decade under Bob Taft, Ted Strickland, and ORPINO (the Republican Party In Name Only), the state lost jobs under Taft and even more jobs under Strickland. What I didn’t realize until getting a piece of mail from the folks at OneOhioUnited.com is that the state’s seasonally adjusted 551,000 lost jobs lost from January 2000 until January 2011 was, except for Michigan, the worst performance in the country. A table showing how all 50 states did from December 2000 to December 2010 (slightly different beginning and end points, but with virtually the same results), is here.

Oh, and one more thing: The column wraps as follows –

The state’s Tea Party adherents have been among the nation’s most active. To help sustain Kasich’s early momentum, they will need to redouble their efforts in the coming months and years. Fortunately, the movement’s leadership is aggressively acting to meet that challenge. Its “We the People” Convention in Columbus on July 1-2 promises to serve as Activism 101 for sensible conservatives, and to build an effective counter to the Alinsky-driven left. Buckeye State residents and out-of-staters who want to leave a free, solvent state and country to their children and grandchildren should seriously consider attending.

Yours truly and the esteemed proprietors at Weapons of Mass Discussion were reviewing the convention’s breakout sessions on Friday, and found that there are far more sessions we would like to attend than we physically can attend.

One session we definitely will attend is the final hour of the RightOnline presentation from 3-4 p.m. on Saturday, as we will be participating in a panel discussion during that time. We look forward to seeing many of our readers there.


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