July 8, 2011

Quick-Hit Headlines (070811, Morning)

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Barely scratching the surface …

At Pajamas Media: “Why the Case Against Huma Abedin Cannot Be Dismissed” — That’s right, the article is about Anthony Weiner’s wife. She is (obviously) “closely associated with her Muslim Brotherhood family” and “was never properly screened” for her State Department position as Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, in which she clearly has access to all kinds of sensitive info.

Also at Pajamas Media, via Bob Owens: “Email Confirms ‘Gunwalker’ Known Throughout Justice Department: Attorney General Holder’s credibility takes another hit.” The headline questionably assumes he ever had any. Related: At the New York Post, by Michael Walsh: “‘Fast & Furious’ gets hotter for Holder” — Nowhere near hot enough.

At the Wall Street Journal in Jim Taranto’s Best of the Web: “Ruthless People: Libs to Ginsburg: Drop dead.” Lefties want Ruth Bader Ginsburg to quit the Supreme Court so Obama can appoint a younger leftist who ignores the Constitution’s original intent and legislates from the bench. Guess that means they’re worried about losing in November 2012.

Dick Morris vs. Tim Pawlenty at RightSpeak: “Shariah compliant housing loans in Minnesota.” Summarized: “Morris 1, Pawlenty 0.”

At Hot Air: “Did Obama lie about White House salaries in Twitter town hall?” The headline didn’t need to be phrased as a question.

James Pethokoukis at Reuters: “U.S. debt crisis might be on fast track.” This echoes something from yours truly in April: “Maxed Out America: Coming Sooner Than You Think.”


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  1. Eric Holder knew and is a liar. He bragged in a speech before Mexican authorities in 2009 about overseeing Gunrunner’s implementation. BigGovernment.com has it. Holder needs to go to prison & congress needs to grow a set inorder to make this prison term happen….


    Comment by Greg — July 8, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

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