September 21, 2011

Quick Hits (092111, Late Morning): Solyndra-LightSquared-Gunwalker Roundup

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This is going to be pretty much of a linkfest without embellishment, as there’s too much happening to attempt to detail each item noted.

This post will also to an extent help readers catch up if they haven’t been with these scandals (and they are “scandals,” i.e., “disgraceful or discreditable actions, circumstances, etc.”).

I will probably be adding to this compilation during the next day or so as new developments occur.



Tracey Panek at Bizmology, Sept. 20 — “Solyndra bankruptcy puts other federal loan recipients under scrutiny” (includes loans to foreign entities)
Andrew Stiles at the Corner, Sept. 20 — “Obama Fundraiser (George Kaiser) Boasts of Cashing In on Stimulus Package”
Daniel Foster at the Corner, Sept. 20 — “Solyndra (Execs) Pleading the Fifth”

At Heritage, Sept. 19 — “‘Green Jobs’ Proponents Continue to Tout Solyndra Program as Success”
At the Blaze, Sept. 18 (my headline) — “Solyndra Applied for Another $469 Million Seven Months After Original $535 Was Approved”
Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review, Sept. 17 – “The Solyndra Fraud; The solar-energy company was a con game”

ABC News, Sept. 16 — “Obama White House Warned Solyndra Bad For Reelection”
Fox News, Sept. 16 — “White House Emails: Solyndra Default Would Not Look Good for Obama Reelection”
Fox Business video, Sept. 15 — “Could FBI Investigation Lead to Charges at Solyndra?”

Daily Caller, Sept. 8 — “Solyndra officials made numerous trips to the White House, logs”
Bloomberg, Sept. 3 — “Taxpayers Rank Behind Solyndra Investors Under Obama’s Refinancing Deal”
Daily Caller, Sept. 1 — “Bankrupt solar company with fed backing has cozy ties to Obama admin”

Zombie at Pajamas Media, Aug. 31 — “Breaking: Solyndra Solar Plant Closes; $535 Million Vanishes; Obama Curse Strikes Again”


Michelle Malkin, Sept. 21 — “LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle”
Business Week, Sept. 21 — “Republicans Want Records of Philip Falcone White House Contacts”
Corky Boyd, Sept. 20 — “Why LightSquared is more than cronyism … It’s about safety”

Hot Air, Sept. 20 — “White House offered “guidance” to second witness in LightSquared inquiry”, Sept. 19 — “Shelton: GPS and LightSquared network cannot currently coexist”
Daily Beast, Sept. 15 — “Did White House Pressure General Shelton to Help Donor?”

Richard Pollock at Pajamas Media, Sept. 15 — “LightSquared: Another Solyndra?”


Bob Owens at Pajamas Media, Sept. 21 — “Gunwalker’s Body Count Grows, Along with the Obama Administration’s Cover-Up”
Katie Pavilich at Townhall, Sept. 20 — “Attorney General in Mexico: 200 Murders Result of Operation Fast and Furious”
CBS News, Sept. 20 — ATF ‘Fast and Furious’ secret audio recordings reveal concerns about whistleblower

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media, Sept. 17 — “Cloward-Piven: The Ultimate Goal of Gunwalker?”
Bob Owens at Pajamas Media, Sept. 15 — “Gunwalker Linked to Three More Murders”
Jack Dunphy at Pajamas Media, Sept. 15 — “Veteran Cops Recognize ‘Fast and Furious’ as a Foolhardy Idea”

Patrick Richardson at Pajamas Media, Sept. 9 — “Gunwalker Scandal Escalates: Grenadewalker?”
Bob Owens at Pajamas Media, Sept. 6 — “Gunwalker Explodes into the Heartland”
Bob Owens at Pajamas Media, Sept. 2 — “Gunwalker: Details of Coverup Revealed”


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  1. Open secrets – Holder knew and everyone else knew Holder knew:

    Oh, and thoughts of blackmailing a Senator to shut him up. A thought isn’t a crime though until the planning begins.

    Comment by dscott — September 21, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

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