September 23, 2011

Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (092311)

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I’m going to try an experiment here.

If you have something to say about the content of a post or have something that extends its points, by all means comment at that post. I’ll generally be lenient about whether a comment is really on-topic, but if it’s obviously not, I retain the perogative to nuke it without notification.

If your comment doesn’t relate to any post, please post it here. But do NOT (repeat, NOT) post full articles as “comments.” For copyright- and readability-related reasons, limit excerpts to usually up to six but occasionally up to nine paragraphs. Any comment violating this guideline will get nuked before it appears without notification (unless I have time and feel extraordinarily polite).

As usual, I retain the discretion to allow comments to get posted or prevent them from being posted, and my allowing a comment to be posted doesn’s mean I agree with or endorse it.


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  1. It’s that calendar time to remind folks to Register to vote.

    If you’ve had an address change, update your voter registration. (If you don’t, you can still show up at the Polls; but (a) must go to your NEW precinct and (b) you’re ballot will be cast a provisional, only counted after they’ve verified you only voted in one place, at the new place.)

    Early voting start date is still To-Be-Determined. Look for an announcement on start date after 30 Sep.

    For most voters, your starting place is your County Board of Elections (BOE). Find your county’s website here, for Sample Ballots to simplify your Local Issues research, for Phone number if you have any process questions, and Address to know where to go for Early Voting or in-person Registration.

    For the wording of the State Issues on the ballot, they’re at the Secretary of State website:

    For U.S. citizens residing overseas and for our Uniformed personnel (living anywhere, including CONUS), the Federal Voting Assistance Program provides the best starting point. Simultaneously Register and to receive the Absentee Ballot:

    Thanks, Mr. Blumer, for allowing this brief announcement.

    Comment by Cornfed — September 23, 2011 @ 8:05 pm

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