October 5, 2011

My, My, What a Surprise, The ‘No-On-Issue 2′ Folks Engage in Lies

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OhioContinuesToLoseJobsLie0911(Originally posted just after midnight, and carried to the top for most of the day.)


The grab seen at the right from one of the ads encouraging Ohio voters to vote “no” on Issue 2 is of a statement which is a flat-out, disgraceful lie.

Here is the relevant text from the source identified in the ad:

Ohio’s unemployment rate was 9.1 percent in August, up slightly from 9.0 percent in July, according to data released this morning by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment decreased 700 over the month, from the revised 5,117,200 in July to 5,116,500 in August.

Well, okay, the Buckeye State lost 700 seasonally adjusted jobs in August. But does that mean the state “continued to lose jobs”? Uh, no (full dataset for January 2006 to August 2011 is here):


In fact, Ohio’s economy added seasonally adjusted jobs in January, and continued to add jobs each and every month through July, until losing a “whopping” 700 in August. So far this year, the state’s economy has added 82,300 jobs, the sixth-best performance in the entire nation in terms of percentage of workforce growth. That’s in stark contrast to the 425,000 jobs Ohio’s economy lost during 2007-2009, and the paltry 31,000 it picked up during 2010.

There is no record of “continued job losses” since John Kasich took office. The above statement in the linked anti-Issue 2 ad is a lie.

Sadly, this is one of many self-evident lies, misleading statements and deceptions in the ad, as seen in the follow analysis of its script (referencing screen graphics where necessary):

John Kasich promised to make Ohio great again. [1] But he gave over $100 million of our tax dollars to big corporations. [2] Meanwhile, Ohio continues to lose jobs. [3]

Now Kasich is using Senate Bill 5 to destroy collective-bargaining rights [4] for Ohio workers. [5] (with an on-screen reference to SB5, page 229, 4117.08)

Kasich and other politicians took over $3 million in campaign contributions from corporate special interests [6] who could profit from Senate Bill 5. (on-screen graphic reads “profit from Senate Bill 5″) [7]

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can stop Senate Bill 5 by voting “No” on Issue 2.


  • [1] — Well, over 80,000 jobs added is a start towards “making Ohio great again.” What we’ve seen through August of this year beats the heck out of any full year Ohio has seen since 1999.
  • [2] — Show me the checks, guys. If you want to argue that Kasich and the state agreed to $100 million in tax breaks, fine. But that’s not what the ad says. It says he GAVE them $100 million in the recent past. It hasn’t happened as described. Therefore, this statement in the ad is a lie.
  • [3] — This statement has already been shown to be a lie.
  • [4] — SB5 does not (as implied) “destroy (all) collective-bargaining rights.” Specifically, “All matters pertaining to wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment are subject to collective bargaining between the public employer and the exclusive representative, except as otherwise specified …” After that, numerous items are listed as exceptions, but there are still items subject to collective bargaining. Thus, this portion of the statement is extremely misleading.
  • [5] — Then there is the reference to “Ohio workers.” The implication is that SB5 affects all Ohio workers. It doesn’t. It only affects unionized Ohio state, county, municipal, and school-district public-sector employees. It does not affect private-sector workers. This portion of the statement is also extremely misleading.
  • [6] — “And other politicians”? What other politicians? Lefties? Righties? Indies? This is a deliberately inflammatory non-statement which communicates absolutely nothing of substance.
  • [7] — “Could profit”? Could? Wow, that’s powerful (/sarc). It’s closer to the truth to assert that the vast majority of Ohioans will probably be better off if Senate Bill 5 stays in place, because taxes won’t have to go up, more resources can be dedicated to Ohio’s classrooms, and government entities will have the flexibility to do what they must to keep their costs under control. Note that the gutless graphic omits the word “could,” presumably in the hope that viewers won’t realize how deliberately misleading this statement is.

The ad demonstrates that the WeAreOhio.org folks believe that they can’t win without lying to, misleading and deceiving Ohioans at every step of the way.

Here’s hoping that Ohioans see through their comprehensively dishonest campaign and vote “yes” on Issue 2.


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  1. THanks for great information. This is such a volatile issue because of the Lies.

    Kettering, OH Fire Dept has already been under Issue 2 guidelines for years. No problem here.

    Comment by @5sahandful — October 5, 2011 @ 8:47 am

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