October 7, 2011

Zogby: Big Mo Boards the Cain Train (Update: Cain Owns MSNBC’s O’Donnell Over Vietnam)

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Too good to be completely true? Probably, but … (rubbing eyes) … (blinking several times) … “wow” (HT PJ Tatler):


Bonus at the same poll: Cain 46, Obama 44.

Shoot, probably 1/3 and possibly even half of the country still doesn’t even know who Herman Cain is (Update: Maybe 1/3 is also high), which is anecdotally confirmed in a somewhat entertaining TV report from Tampa:

But outside Republican political circles, has Cain become a recognizable figure with John Q. Public?

When we showed pictures of Herman Cain to folks outside the very same bookstore where he was signing autographs, some recognized him, but others had a tough time placing his face.

“Probably some congressman, I don’t know,” said one man.

But there were several who also recognized Cain right away, which may not have been the case as recently as a month ago. Cain’s recognition factor may not seem too bad, considering he’s a relative newcomer to the national political stage.

But the presidential candidate and former CEO of Godfathers Pizza only did about as well as this another pizza exec whose picture we flashed, not running for office: John Schnatter A.K.A “Papa John”.

Also, to be perfectly fair, neither man was as universally recognized as the third pizza picture we shared, the Little Caesar’s guy.

Still, only one of these pizza players has pie-in-the-sky aspirations of delivering a victory November 2012.

UPDATE: It’s exchanges like this with ignoramuses who think they are know-it-alls which are endearing Cain to sensible voters –

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, MSNBC: Question about the Commander-in-Chief role. … Can you explain how you avoided military service during the Vietnam War and during the draft and why you should be Commander-in-Chief if you did successfully avoid military service during the war that came during what would have been your war years, how you, after avoiding the Vietnam War, why should you be Commander-in-Chief?

HERMAN CAIN: Lawrence, you know, do you stay up night to come up with the wording in these questions or do you have someone writing them for you?

… Lawrence, first of all, I wanted to clarify the record because I didn’t want to be accused later of saying that I served in the Navy. And if you read the book closely, it says I worked for the Department of the Navy.

Now, your choice of words to say, “How did I avoid the Vietnam War?” I wasn’t trying to avoid the Vietnam War. Here’s what happened, Lawrence. I was working in a critical area called exterior ballistics. I worked on something called the rocket-assisted projectile for the Department of the Navy. It was my local board in Atlanta, Georgia, that told me, we would rather for you to continue to do that analytical work to help the Navy rather than us drafting you.

Secondly, when they had the lottery, I made myself available. The year that they had the lottery for the draft they did not draft me because they didn’t get to my number. So I think that’s a poor choice of words on your part, to say that I avoided the Vietnam War. I made myself available to my country, and they did not draft me. The rest of the time I was serving my country in a critical role called exterior ballistics analysis. So I am offended with your choice of words in terms of what I was doing during the Vietnam War.

This of course did not satisfy O’Donnell (“I am offended on behalf of all the veterans of the Vietnam War who joined” — note how Cain baited him into saying something incredibly stupid). The MSNBC host is too dense to recognize when he’s been totally owned, and would apparently prefer to see a freaking rocket scientist trudging through the rice paddies in Vietnam in direct disagreement with the clear preferences of military officials at the time.

In a total non-surprise, Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters notes that “O’Donnell evaded draft with college deferment.”

Bleep you, Lawrence O’Donnell. And way to go, Mr. Cain.



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