October 22, 2011

Is the ‘Occupy’ Movement ‘Just Like’ the Tea Party? Uh, No

From MInnesota Majority via Powerline (direct YouTube):

(Warning: Some foul language and disturbing pictures)



UPDATE, Oct. 23: Don Surber — “Our president supports this.”



  1. Disgusting. How can any mainstream liberal condone this? These people don’t stand for anything, the only they stand for is destruction and being coddled.

    This reminds me of the far lefties who post propaganda videos on Youtube which consist of basically some nut in front of a crappily homemade podium ranting incoherently for five hours. Liberalism sure has sunk low and fast.

    And where are the anti-Tea Party fanatics now? You know those who were so dedicated to making up stuff and cherry picking any slightly controversial signs they could find in order to smear the Tea Party.

    Comment by zf — October 23, 2011 @ 2:19 am

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