October 25, 2011

Occupy Oakland Ousted, and Zombie’s Weekend Report

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  • SF Chronicle: “Police, Occupy Oakland backers clash downtown”
  • LA Times: “Police raid Occupy Oakland encampment, arrest dozens”

Indispensable background from Zombie at PJMedia: “Is Occupy Oakland as Bad as They Say? No. It’s worse than you can imagine.”

Go there for the full extent of the graphic truth. Here’s some of the narrative, including a few mini-grabs from Zombie’s pics (bolds are mine, Warning – disturbing descriptions) –

Much ado has been made about recent media reports describing Occupy Oakland as a cross between Lord of the Fliesand Animal House. The leftist magazine Mother Jones was furious about the negative coverage, deeming it “The Right-Wing Media Assault on Occupy Oakland,” and attempting to debunk the bad press. But Big Journalism lashed back with an article entitled MotherJones: Truth To Unflattering Reports On OWS.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check out the scene for myself to settle the matter.

… During the boring speeches, I strolled around the encampment and discovered that many of the reports about Occupy Oakland are, unfortunately, true. Let’s look at them one by one:

OccupyOaklandDrugUse1011Drug Use and Commerce

Everywhere I went, I encountered people taking drugs — mostly marijuana. Many of them were understandably camera-shy. But … (one) guy stood right on the main walkway and puffed away on a drug pipe.

The ground around and inside the camp was also littered with other evidence of drug use …


The City of Oakland issued an eviction notice the day before the rally, citing sanitation issues, garbage, rats and other hygiene problems at the encampment. The protesters announced that they simply wouldn’t budge, and the city temporarily caved in, so for now the standoff continues, though the eviction notices are still taped up around the plaza. But as far as I could tell — yes, the city has a very good point. The place was pretty disgusting.

all over the camp were signs that said “Not a toilet,” because some occupiers basically relieve themselves wherever and whenever they feel the urge. Disgusted campers started putting up signs so that their particular tents wouldn’t be on the receiving end of any effluvia. …

OccupyOaklandSecurity1011Intimidating “Internal Security” Teams

Occupy Oakland has agreed by consensus to not cooperate with the Oakland Police Department under any circumstances. But as the law-breaking and nuisance behavior within the encampment started to grow, the evolving mini-society found it necessary to appoint its own ersatz police force.

… There also seemed to be a possibly separate “rally security force” consisting of guys wearing Black Panther buttons on their berets.

… Remember Lovelle Mixon, the serial rapist, child molester and murderer who single-handedly committed one of the worst mass killings of police officers in American history? Yeah, that guy. Well, the anti-police sentiment at Occupy Oakland is so intense that they regard Lovelle Mixon as a hero!! Whatever other crimes he may have committed, if he offed some pigs, then all is forgiven. F*ck the Po-lice! Power to the people!

there are so many crime victims at the camp that the Occupiers have found it necessary to establish a donation fund to help them — presumably to replace stolen items.

Good luck with that.

Yeah, all of this is just like the Tea Party.


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