November 11, 2011

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111111)

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Obama-endorsed (proof here, here, and here) Occupy Update: Gee, I thought I would start running short of material in a few days. Not a chance –

  • Oakland (HT PJ Tatler) — “Man shot, killed near Occupy Oakland encampment.” Now this may or may not be Occupy-related, but if it isn’t, the following behavior would be difficult to explain: “Occupy Oakland protesters told the media that the shooting had nothing to do with the encampment and didn’t involve any activists. Prote(st)ers surrounded the scene of the shooting and made a human chain to keep photographers from filming the victim.” Protecting the victims’ privacy? Possibly, but that seems a stretch. Update: What led to a person’s death was reportedly an argument over “a bag of weed.”
  • More Oakland (“Occupy campers shout down Oakland council members”) — “Tension escalated between Occupy Oakland and city leaders Wednesday when protesters swarmed a news conference held by five council members who were calling for the immediate dismantling of the encampment outside City Hall.”
  • Charleston, SC — “Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was about 10 minutes into a foreign policy speech in South Carolina on Thursday when she was drowned out by the shouting of (Occupy Charleston) protesters.”
  • Atlanta“Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base.”
  • Vermont“After shooting, part of Occupy Burlington camp closed; protesters gather at church.” Interesting how the headline kept the fact that the shooting was, uh, well, FATAL out of the headline (Update: It’s now being reported as a suicide).
  • Portland, Oregon (“Occupy Portland: Mayor Sam Adams orders camps cleared at 12:01 a.m. Sunday”) — “‘Crime, especially reported assaults, has increased in the area,’ he said. ‘Occupy has had a considerable time to share its movement’s message with the public but has lost control of the camps it has created.’” When you’ve lost the lefty government in Portland, there’s almost no one left.
  • San Francisco“The crime reports coming out of the Occupy SF encampment at Justin Herman Plaza are mounting, San Francisco police said, with cops dealing with incidents of gun possession, assault on a city worker and trespassing on the new holiday ice rink in the past two days.”
  • As of 11 p.m. last night, John Nolte’s clearly incomplete but nevertheless very useful incident compilation at had hit the 200 mark.

Remind me again: What was this “Occupy Movement” supposed to be about?


At CNS News“ICE Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals”


Rush Limbaugh“Plug-In Car Industry Goes Up in Smoke.”


Disturbing quote of the day from a supposed businessperson — “Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is on the record saying his business model is built upon perpetual government funding to production of EVs.”


One place you won’t see yours truly at the time indicated“Walmart moves Black Friday to Thanksgiving night” at 10 p.m.


At Powerline“United States Is Getting Colder, Not Warmer”


That’s it, he should resign“Holder Refuses To Apologize For Murder Of Border Agent; Says Fast & Furious Didn’t Lead To Death.” The heck it didn’t. Any Attorney General who takes such a truth-be-damned approach to sworn testimony to Congress has no right holding his position.



  1. SEIU collects Medicaid

    Comment by Jim — November 11, 2011 @ 1:59 pm

  2. That sound is the jaw hitting the floor.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 11, 2011 @ 2:07 pm

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