November 14, 2011

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111411)

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Obama-endorsed (proof herehere, and hereOccupy Update:

  • Kyle-Anne Shiver at PJ Media“The Five Most Infantile Beliefs on Display at the ‘Occupy’ Tantrums”
  • P.J. Gladnick at NewsBusters“Artist Frank Miller Shocks Left With Harsh Criticism of OWS Protests”
  • Portland (video at link; HT Gateway Pundit) — “Bail for a man inside the Occupy Portland camp Wednesday on accusations related to a Tuesday Molotov cocktail fire was raised to $1 million by a judge Thursday.”
  • John at Powerline identifies a candidate for “the lamest Occupy protest anywhere.”
  • Occupy Portland formally and openly adopts what was apparently the Penn State Athletic Department’s unspoken rule for over a decade — “If you witness a sexual assault, ‘nobody should contact the police.’”
  • Philadelphia — “A woman protester at the Occupy Philadelphia encampment at City Hall was raped in a tent, allegedly by a man who had traveled from out of state to join the protest, police said.”
  • Portland (“Police raze camps, drive protesters from 2 squares”; HT JWF) — “As protesters shouted, ‘The whole world is watching!’ onlooker Gene Gallun, 63, yelled back, ‘The whole world is laughing.’” For those who don’t remember or are too young, “The whole world is watching” was the self-absorbed, self-important chant of the violent crowd at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Andrew Breitbart asks: “How many more rapes, how many more deaths, how many more acts of violence have to occur before President Obama and the Democratic Party withdraw their support and condemn these lawless protests?” My response: It’s too late for that, Andrew. They’ve had weeks to distance themselves from the disgusting criminal mayhem, and haven’t. They own it now and they always will. No amount of attempted distancing from this point on can change that.


From the “Too Many Great Blogs, Too Little Time” Dept. — On October 19, Pamela at Atlas Shrugs caught an important development the press outside of one small New York City publication totally ignored, namely that Park51 mosque (i.e., the infamous proposed Ground Zero Mosque) developer Sharif El-Gamal has gone AWOL (previous related BizzyBlog posts are here). He has six collection-related suits pending against, and the politically correct community board which approved his project has “been shut out.” And of course, the national press is ignoring the implosion.


You can’t make this up (the news item or the book title) — as of Friday evening, “Jerry Sandusky’s autobiography, ‘Touched,’ is still available at The Penn State Bookstore”


This one is painful — “Sold as newer, cleaner, more advanced energy technology, ethanol production has been a blistering disaster in the United States.” More: “A careful look into the ethanol question in the US leaves one wondering why this … industry even exists. Is it attributable to Crony Capitalism?” Uh, yes.


Great question: “Who hired Gloria Allred? Knowing that might shed light on the matter at hand.” Not letting her get in a word during an interview until she answers that question should be mandatory, at least on the part of interviewers interested in the truth.


Speaking of questions — In light of this item at NewsBusters (warning: barely concealed R-rated language), here’s one for anyone still subscribing to HBO: How can you possibly defend that choice?


From the “If you like your plan, you can keep it … ha-ha, the joke’s on you!” Dept. — “Since Obamacare’s Passage, Millions Have Lost Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance” (related Gallup poll).



  1. Speaking of OWS and media bias, get this, I saw a copy of the cover of the latest issue of Newsweek while at a store and not only is there nothing on the Occupiers rampant bad and criminal behavior but there is a blurb on top screaming, “EXCLUSIVE: The Tea Partys Embarrassing Letters.” Yes, let’s ignore the various Occupiers common indecency and continue to attack the “The Tea Party” (as if the tea party was one giant homogenous entity) because “they” wrote “embarrassing” letters! Unbelievable. I didn’t read the story because it sounds like a load of crap and any “embarrassing” letters are either fakes or not actually embarrassing by non-MSM standards.

    In regards to HBO, sorry, but I like having all the movie channels (watching movies on those various cable stations, especially older flicks, is something I enjoy) and I am not going to give one of them up just because that evil moron Maher has an idiotic show on there. (Which I don’t watch regardless of what guests he has one there, expect once recently when Coulter was on and she kicked his and everyone else’s butt, BTW.)

    I notice you mention “Too Many Blogs, Too Little Time.” This brings up something I always wanted to ask: how many blogs do you read regularly/daily? I don’t think you can possibly read all the ones on your Blogroll every day because it’s so huge and could choke a horse!

    Comment by zf — November 14, 2011 @ 8:16 am

  2. The answer on blogs is “not enough” — maybe 10% of the blogroll if I’m lucky. I gravitate towards the biggies, which I have to keep in check occasionally.

    As to HBO, I realize that Showtime isn’t much better, but there’s Starz and several others (I think). I just can’t believe that Maher gets a platform to be so profane and utterly tasteless, and that he has an audience. The only way to get anyone’s attention is to not get HBO and to say why. There’s always Netflix and Blockbuster too.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 14, 2011 @ 4:35 pm

  3. I might do something at NB about the Newsweek thing you brought up.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 14, 2011 @ 4:36 pm

  4. #2, I get what you’re saying, but if I was to eliminate every channel based on them containing very objectionable programming, I’d have virtually no channels left sadly. For instance, Showtime has Penn and Teller’s show on there, and while P and T are far from being liberals, they did have a very vile anti-Catholic episode at one point in which nuns were referred to in very vulgar terms. And since then I have no like for either one of them, regardless of how good they are at times in debunking left wing ideology. And I like flipping around and discovering the various movies at random, so Netflix wouldn’t work for me. (My local Blockbusters went out of business, if I’m not mistaken I think that company went entirely bankrupt or at least nearly so.) Also, I share my cable access with others, and don’t think they would let me get rid of it anyway.

    That said, I do think I might send them a letter (e-mails are too easily dismissed) discussing my objections to “Mr.” Maher’s show.

    #3, That would be definitely be cool! Thanks!

    Comment by zf — November 14, 2011 @ 9:09 pm

  5. Tom, I’d like you know what your take is on the editorial from Des Moines that this Heritage blog post mentions.

    The Heritage response is good, but I disagree that ObamaCare isn’t a total government takeover, because it imposes regulations on everything that provides medical care and thus things like cash only providers and hospital indemnity plans that supposedly aren’t regulated by it most indubitably are.

    And since when is being forced between taking an unavoidable penalty or get health insurance any kind of actual “choice?”

    Comment by zf — November 15, 2011 @ 12:12 am

  6. Geez is that editorial stupid.

    Just one example: “Business owners opposing the law should not take advantage of any tax credits offered.” Businesses who refuse to take the credits are at a competitive disadvantage vs. those who do. So the editorial is telling them they can “choose” to be uncompetitive and go out of business. What complete jerks.

    Comment by TBlumer — November 15, 2011 @ 12:29 am

  7. #6, I didn’t even think of that, excellent point!

    Comment by zf — November 15, 2011 @ 1:37 am

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