November 17, 2011

Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111711)

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Obama-endorsed (proof herehere, and hereOccupy Update:

  • New York (HT JWF) — “At Zuccotti Square members of the press now outnumber protesters.”
  • At National Review — “The OWS Legal Team; The radical lawyers who sought to bring occupiers back to Zuccotti Park.”
  • Zombie at PJ Media“Occupy Cal time-travels back to the ’60s.” Sad, pathetic, funny, and infuriating all at once.
  • New York (HT John at Powerline, whose title I am using) — “Why Zuccotti Park Needed to Be Cleaned Up.” A tasty sampler of reasons: “the park became a firetrap,” scabies, lice, lung ailments, dirty hypodermic needles, moldy food, “a sealed pickle bucket which … (cleanup crews) suspected was filled with human waste” … Had enough yet?
  • is carrying an Accuracy In Media video (“Union PAYS #Occupy Protesters”). AIM “infiltrated the National Nurses United for the duration of their Occupy DC protest tour. As the footage reveals, NNU in association with the AFL-CIO sent over 1,000 nurses from across the country, public and private sector, all expenses paid (to Occupy sites).”
  • New York (HT Atlas Shrugs) — “Angry mother of EMT injured during Zuccotti Park raid praises crackdown.”
  • Cincinnati: “Rev. Jesse Jackson rallies Occupy Cincinnati protesters.” Thanks to Jackson’s “inspiration,” Cincinnati police “arrested 15 Occupy Cincinnati protesters at Piatt Park early Wednesday.” In case they care, these arrests, assuming the justice system does its job (unfortunately doubtful) will show up in criminal background checks done during reviews of employment applications, and could keep many of those who were “inspired” from getting the good jobs they supposedly desire. Thanks, Jesse.
  • Speaking of background checks (HT OWS Exposed), “Man Arrested For Child Porn ‘No Longer Welcome’ At Occupy Chicago.” This of course implies that he once was welcome. He says he was involved with Occupy security, which of course the Occupiers deny. Do your homework, people.


Today’s Occupy Mayhem Update is in a separate segment because it is sponsored by California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Just three months ago, Waters told a Los Angeles audience that “The Tea Party can go to hell.”

CNS News (HTs to PJ Tatler; Hot Air) reports that on Wednesday Waters, after a Congressional Progressive Caucus-sponsored event at the Capitol, “when asked to comment Wednesday about the deaths and crimes that have occurred around Occupy protests being held across the country, … said ‘that’s life and it happens.’”

Ms. Waters will therefore not object to yours truly informing readers that as of early this morning:

  • According to, the Occupy “That’s Life” death toll remains at 7.
  • At, John Nolte’s incomplete but nevertheless useful “It Happens” incident count stands at 256.

The Democratic Party — Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and its politicians — all own the Occupy movement, and it’s far too late for them to even think about walking it back, no matter what happens at today’s Day of Occupation “events” and in future “Occupy” efforts.

Too bad, so sad Update (“Tweets, e-mails, phone calls and texts keep OWS strong”; HT JWF) — “The key people are in jail, that’s kind of the tough thing.”


Needed reinforcement of an important point made here ten days ago: “Public school teachers aren’t underpaid.”


At the Epoch Times (HT Breaking Economics via commenter dscott) — “Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt.” Specifically, “Larry Lang, chair professor of Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said in a lecture that he didn’t think was being recorded that the Chinese regime is in a serious economic crisis—on the brink of bankruptcy. In his memorable formulation: every province in China is Greece.”


Also via commenter dscott, at Infowars“MF Global Looted Customers’ Accounts Via Internal Bank Run.” Specifically, “Days before the doomed financial broker filed for bankruptcy, MF Global conducted ‘unexplained wire transfers’ that led to a $900 million shortfall in client funds, leading customers like Gerald Celente to learn that their accounts had been looted and setting the precedent for internal bank runs as more big firms go bust.” Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson alleges that “Big players got warning ahead of time that financial broker was set to collapse.” Related: “Gerald Celente’s gold account was emptied by MF Global.”


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  1. Also, in regards to regulations and jobs, a point to be made is that jobs are not only lost via layoffs, but also in a lack of expansion by existing firms and a lack of investment in new businesses. And regulation right now is big part of the lack of positive movement of both of those areas right now.

    Comment by zf — November 17, 2011 @ 11:41 am

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